Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Week

I just came back from Rachel's blog, and was amazed by how similar we are in so many ways... i just got a couple of new lip colors the other day, one of them is True Red! and the other one is like her Givenchy one!! let me see, both of us got 3 lip colors lately, and they are nude, true red and natural. very interesting...

i hope i can wear true red lip color as well as i used to... i got too much tan this summer, i am afraid it won't go back normal this winter fast enough.

anyway... i have been busy this week. my fashion magazines says sequin jackets and check prints are in, so i wore these two outfits on Tuesday and today.

this year, DS wants to be race car driver, he looked very cool in this outfit. it also comes with a helmet. he took it off when he ran around.

i plan to wear these two jackets later: the black wool military style(new buy) pea-coat, and the chocolate brown suede boyfriend jacket (old).

tomorrow, there will be a Halloween party for kids and adults respectively in the private club we belong to. hm...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend Outfits

I totally love the idea of wearing a belt over dress+sweater.

we went to a museum yesterday since it was raining. it was 3rd time we went there this year, it was packed on Saturday. someone was having a wedding there! bride & groom had their pictures taken in front of a huge dinosaur model, very close to where i sat. the bride was not shy to be checked out by people in the museum at all, and she looked quite tall.

yesterday's outfit was kinda Halloween appropriate, orange + black. The orange woven wool sheath dress is one of my older favorites. i have had it for 10 years. the fitted sweater is Esprit. i thought it was expensive when i bought it many years ago, but it turned out to be my favorite black cardigan thus far. bronze belt is Etro. leopard print calf hair pumps are D&G. patent miu miu tote and burberry trench coat not showing in the picture. We walked to a nice restaurant from the museum afterwards. I had my favorite lobster diavolo, Dh had tuna with wasabi on top.

today's wearing: Saks classic loose cardigan with ruffle trim. merino mauve tunic; Fendi belt and ankle boots; marc by marc jacob totally turnlock hobo; subtle stripe leggings are Wolford.

i was wearing a nude-ish lipstick in both pictures. somehow it was showing rosy on me.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

A couple of Lovely Animals

We had a really good time in the Museum Ds goes every Wed for his pre-school program. it was a perfect day weather wise. even polar bear was out enjoying such a beautiful day. I did, however, later, ended our trip with an unpleasant encounter with another mommy. whose son hit Ds, she did not stop it, i got upset and had to step in...

this vibrant color snake showed to the kids reminded me of my snake skin Michael Kore bag. it was lined with
gold color leather. just realized i have not used it once!

He is Fashionable

my outfit in the first picture:
we went to movie theater to watch 'where the wild things are' . the sweater is a Line cashmere bought from saks last year, the crop pants are DKNY, booties are Dior, Rachel has the same pair in patent leather.

Ds looked so adorable, and fashionable in that Autumn leaves scarf. we bought it from our trip to Japan. i never got to use it and it turned out to be a perfect scarf for ds. lucky ds, he can pull off any color with his beautiful porcelain skin.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Outfit for DH

when I keep seeing my clothes on other people ( celebs or not), that has to mean one thing - i have a lot clothes.

i think more than twice now when i look at a piece of clothes, and ask myself this question - don't i have a similar piece in my closet already?

time to slow down for myself and shop for Dh (dear husband)! he has been going back to the gym since summer. he always has a very nice built, now with more defined lines, he is happier with his body.

i suggested this look (see picture on the left) to Dh last weekend; he said, ok. hey,that was a bit surprise! being a manager with everyone working for/with him are a lot older than him, he tends to dress very low key/conservative normally. so, this look is somewhat a change for him.

this morning, i picked up all the pieces in this outfit, including the brown belt. well, almost all the pieces, we are not going to pick up those sexy golden curly hair on the model this time. lol.

as soon as all the pieces are here, i will take modeling pictures for Dh and post them here. i picked a few more pieces just to see what works better on him. hopefully he will keep them all at the end.

after i posted " She nailed it", i remembered i had a mod pic in my file that looked like the outfit on VB. the dress i was wearing is DvF. after i posted it last year, Ri604 wrote a comment and she thought the rose buds pattern on the dress was ladybugs. lol.

but now, when i look at this outfit, i am not happy with it any more. i prefer a longer and fitted cardigan with a belt, and a different bag! and a platform instead of a simple pumps. hopefully i have a chance to take another picture of an improved version soon.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A little bit of Everything

The first 2 pictures:
I was reading People magazine last night in my Tory Burch cardigan with a winter white tee underneath, there i saw the same one (proof: TB signature buttons) on Oprah. it is a color designer got inspiration from her India trip. it is not mustard, not yellow... i vaguely remember it is called 'soleil' or something.

The 3rd picture:
our weekend activity. i was wearing Burberry hat and scarf.

The last 2 pictures:
things i bought during Saks FF. I did not keep a watch i bought, so no picture for that one. also some make up will show up next week. compare to last year's FF loot, this is a very modest group.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Boyfriend Jackets

Yesterday was not a good day for me - i had a difficult time with Ds again. It took me a lot of energy to shape him up / punish. It worked, he did pretty decent today. i was uninspired yesterday about my odj. just a pair of jeans + a grey/navy stripe cashmere sweater.

i thought of my grey stripe boyfriend jacket today. legging is another trendy element in my ODJ. it has some studs details on the ankle.

from my pictures files, i found another 2 boyfriend jackets outfits:
* these pictures can be enlarged to their original size by clicking on them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

She Nailed it!

Saks FF event is on. i got 3 things this morning, i hope you all scored big...

VB looked head-to-toe flawless. every pieces on her looks perfectly fit. she used to have these boobs that up to her throat. (quote) when she saw her pictures on the magazines, she was horrified and decided to downsize. i think she made a great move, size B look much nicer on her slender frame.

GP's look is chic and out of ordinary. who would think to pair a tulle pale blue dressy skirt with rocker style booties and casual portrait tee? and it worked fabulously.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Fun Autumn Day

Our original plan was to go to Six Flag with Ds' friend and family on Sunday. I am glad I changed the plan. because today is a chilly day. sitting on rides with wind blowing is more enjoyable in a warm summer day.
Plus ds will be more ready for a lot of rides next year.

it turned out we enjoyed our easy, relaxing Sunday very much. to go to a farm, i thought of this outfit i put together last Fall. i carried my gucci tote as i did not have time to switch bags. dh and ds are not very patient when mommy's taking time to get ready.

accessories pic are as follows: the shoes i ended up wearing, i called them 'cowboy Mary Jane's', are very comfortable as they dont have heels.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Silk Shirt + pinstripe Trousers

This morning, Ds and I woke up to a disappointing rainy Friday. we tried to have some fun time at home first, then headed out to the mall for a lunch and some shopping for daddy.

Ds had his breakfast, and started to watch his new favorite show, Jungle Junction. I was reading Vogue, July issue. I like this issue more than September issue. not many Asian face as usual. however, i saw a small picture of Wendy Deng on the corner of one page. she is pretty tall for being a Chinese woman, something like 5'10. i must say she looked nice in a Thakoon dress, the shoes went with the dress were very drool worthy. I remember seeing the same Thakoon dress on Blake Lovely. oh she looks good in anything!

my odj was same as the one Zzy was wearing at 'rush hour 2' movie premier in 2002(?). i didn't intend to copy this outfit, it just happened to be my choice this morning. later this evening, i was reading a story about her not attending some party because she and jackie chen don't get along. this was the picture posted along with the story. so many coincident.

the accessories of my odj are as follows:
*the heels of these YSL pumps kept slipping off my feet as i was walking. hm, i am gonna have to use one of Rachel's trick and put some gel pads around back of the heels.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That's the Same DvF Dress

I saw this exact DVF dress i bought in the summer (see the mod pic i posted in August), while i was watching new CW show, 'Melrose Place', last night.

i either watch too much tv/movies or i have too many dresses. because this is not the first time i spotted the same dress on tv/movie.

i snapped the picture directly from tv show. the scene was about one of main characters on her way to meet a high-class pimp. she needed to pay for her medical school bill. ... it is a pretty intriguing show, a lot of scandals, a lot of good looking young people - just like its old version.

Ds was wiped out after an action-packed day. i went to my Zumba class after dinner. our instructor is very energetic, but her moves are not very attractive, in my eyes. i miss one of the substitutes we had before.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Get Shorty

Shorts in the fall: it is a really cute way to dress in colder months, with tights and boots or clogs.

i am up for it. it gives a girl freedom of a pant without all of the formality. they are more comfortable and secure feeling than a miniskirt.

i did get a couple things today: a pair of khaki Theory city shorts; a Juicy Couture tracksuit jacket in black.

except taking Ds out and about enjoy sunny golden Fall weather, i finally watched 'Valentino-the last emperor'. a spectacular farewell party, he said, ' i would like to leave the party when it is still full' - hah

i liked reading an article about Michelle Pfeiffer from InStyle magazine. one of things she said made me laugh, ' i have one pair of skinny jeans that i keep trying to wear, but they last all of seven minutes on me. i feel like a pork sausage' - hmm. at some point, i will need to give up skinny jeans and mini skirt too. btw, Pfeiffer is 51 years old.

i think i am going to watch 'The September Issue' next.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

from Fall Festival to Art Museum

after a rainy Saturday being trapped in the mall, Ds was more than ready for some real fun time outdoor! we picked two activities for him today. he had a blast.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Same outfit Different accessories

weather is not good for outdoor activities today. Bloomingdale is having Friends & Family sale this weekend. we drove there and bought a down feather comforter. It is a good move to get a much warmer comforter that we can save energy by turning down the heat at winter nights.

later, we had an early dinner in a Hong Kong restaurant in the mall.

While dh and ds chasing each other in the mall, i sat in a couch people-watching. I was amazed by how many people carrying a Burberry outwear in their arms, and i was one of them. no wonder a Burberry outwear was listed on 10 luxury item must-haves.

my ODJ was created in March. but it wasn't until today i actually wore it. i opted different shoes and bag to tone down the outfit. also wearing my hair down made it less formal.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Skinny Jeans again

leggings are huge this season. i dont think i am going to get sequin or leather-looking or lace insert leggings for myself; i opt for skinny jeans.

to me, putting an outfit together is like process of creating. I enjoy doing it. it's like a little brain storm. i feel good when i know i hit it right. people around you may not be fashionable, but they appreciate a well put together person.

How we dress send a message about who we are, or at the least how we want the world to perceive us.

in my ODJ: black/white shirt by Craig Taylor and red Roberto Cavalli heels/slides finally went somewhere else besides the house. a pair of dark rinse RL black label skinny jeans pulled them together.

while i was taking mod pic, i took a few for ds upon his request. lucky him, he never has bad picture days.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another step close to Green

We got a Hybrid car. DH proudly told me he did 52 miles per gallon today.

In another year, we will replace our suv with an electric car.

It is nice to be green. :)

i took a picture of the outfit i wore to the car dealer's: