Wednesday, October 7, 2009

That's the Same DvF Dress

I saw this exact DVF dress i bought in the summer (see the mod pic i posted in August), while i was watching new CW show, 'Melrose Place', last night.

i either watch too much tv/movies or i have too many dresses. because this is not the first time i spotted the same dress on tv/movie.

i snapped the picture directly from tv show. the scene was about one of main characters on her way to meet a high-class pimp. she needed to pay for her medical school bill. ... it is a pretty intriguing show, a lot of scandals, a lot of good looking young people - just like its old version.

Ds was wiped out after an action-packed day. i went to my Zumba class after dinner. our instructor is very energetic, but her moves are not very attractive, in my eyes. i miss one of the substitutes we had before.


  1. Awww....your son is just adorable! I remember those days! My children don't nap anymore.

    Love the dress, Julia!

  2. I remember the dress! You look really nice in it. If I have never said it before, your DS is such a cutie. :)

  3. haha..I guess your zumba teacher doesn't have the moves you like then. Sometimes I find people have their preferable moves and they are really good at those...others might look funny... Like I know my moves and it is hard to switch to different style......I felt myself looking funny when doing Hip hop..almost like spiders. ha ha ha..

    Your son is adorable .. especially when sleeping. You, are pretty as usual!!

    I was just thinking that I need to get myself a dress too. :)

  4. HI Maria, thank you thank you. :) yup, they grow too fast... i miss when he was tiny and i was nursing him, etc. but i dont miss changing diapers. lol. Ds got potty trained when he was 2 year and half. thank God.

    i wish he grows slowly. i enjoy his current stage. he talks a lot now but in a way that makes me laugh all the time.

  5. yeah Betsy, you remember the dress. you told me you liked it a lot when i first posted it.

    thank you for saying that. i am one proud mommy.

  6. R., my zumba teacher also teaches yoga... she has some fans but not quite me.

    my husband goes to yoga class with me now. the first class he went was taught by a substitute. she was awesome. i wish she was our regular teacher.

    oh cool, your gym even offers hip pop class! i would like to learn how to hip pop. to have kick out of my serious self. hehe..

    oh i agree, my son looks best when he sleeps, so i can just admire him without having to deal with his endless movements and demands.

    last, thank you for leaving me this comment.

  7. Julia, your son is so adorable. What a precious picture!

    The DVF dress is beautiful. I really like her clothes, especially her wrap dresses, so comfortable and beautiful at the same time. Have a good weekend.

  8. Hi Peachbaby/Eng.Fas,
    good to see you again.

    thank you for your compliment for ds. i am glad i took that picture. most of the times i bring camera with me when i go out with ds.

    i like dvf dress a lot. her wrap dresses are the best. very flattering. they are normally made of silk jersey, so they are very comfortable like your said.

    you too have a great weekend!