Sunday, October 18, 2009

A little bit of Everything

The first 2 pictures:
I was reading People magazine last night in my Tory Burch cardigan with a winter white tee underneath, there i saw the same one (proof: TB signature buttons) on Oprah. it is a color designer got inspiration from her India trip. it is not mustard, not yellow... i vaguely remember it is called 'soleil' or something.

The 3rd picture:
our weekend activity. i was wearing Burberry hat and scarf.

The last 2 pictures:
things i bought during Saks FF. I did not keep a watch i bought, so no picture for that one. also some make up will show up next week. compare to last year's FF loot, this is a very modest group.


  1. Wow, that's a pretty bracelet you bought! Do you have a special occasion coming up? I'm drawn to this color as well... I remember seeing similar hues from Gucci dresses and other designers. Since I'm darker-skinned, I'm not sure if it fits my skin tone though... otherwise, I would be snapping this cardi up also. :)

  2. Hi Betsy,
    thank you for your comment. :)

    yes, i can use the new pearl bracelet at my husband's xmas party. although i have not picked out the dress.

    the color of TB cardigan is not easy going at all. it works well with some unexpected colors - like the ensemble on Oprah: baby blue stripe ruffle shirt with a white cami underneath - brilliant idea. she is dark skinned and the cardigan lighted up her complexion. on the other note, i am sure her stylist would not let her go out in front of the camera if it weren't working out. hehe..