Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Stuff 2

Saks gift with purchase. the free bag looks nice in the picture! doesn't it? very roomy too...

military green henley top (one of husband's favorite color);
M Missoni scarf neck top

Splendid ombre top. my first time buying the brand, my impression is it runs small/short. quality is ok though.

i am keeping these clogs. simply because they are comfy. and i need more clogs so in the hectic morning i can just kick my feet in them and go!

animal print doesn't go out of style. it is a classic, like white button down shirt and trench coat. Tiger print is not as popular as leopard print for some reason...

dark lip color is in trend this season.

Monday, September 27, 2010

DvF Olive Green Dress

Autumn is slowly setting in. the temperature dropped today. lil B ran to my bed this morning and told me it was dark and raining like crazy outside. i did not want to get out of  warm bed. but he manually opened my eyes until i could not stand it any more. lol.  I made breakfast, then we went to the gym.

Supposedly, husband had a dinner appointment from work. i planned to do some Halloween costume shopping with my other man and have dinner in one of our favorite restaurants around the area.  But husband canceled the dinner and came home instead. when he saw me in this DvF olive green silk jersey dress, he thought it was too dressy for my date night. hmm...

 the dress was gathered by a wide MiuMiu python patchwork belt.  a leather motorcycle jacket over the dress can beat Autumn chill and add some edge to the otherwise feminine look.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend Fun: Mega Maze

We got lost big time in a genius designed corn field maze ( it looks simple from outside).
I would not have complained walking circles for 2 hours if i had decided to put my socks and sneakers on this morning!

such a prince charming... i laughed when i saw this pose of his.

 two brave people just headed straight to a big unknown happily!

at the bridge#9 (total 10 bridges), lil B finally gone to a little C(crazy).

my slippers looked this dirty after we came out of the maze! ... and when i was cleaning them tonight, i saw small written 'made in china' hiding underneath the vamp of the shoe. Ohhhh...Prada have shoes made in China! I Know Now!!

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Weekend Fun: Apple Picking

It's the time of the year again... Apple picking is one of husband's favorite things to do in the Fall. this Farm has to be the most popular one around the area.

the sun was strong, later i found myself with some sun burn on my arms. my face was red from the heat. lil B did not have sun screen on. so he hold on to the umbrella.

To be stylish on a hot Apply picking day is not an easy thing.
i thought about it in the moring and ended up wearing a Ali Ro breezy chiffon top, Theory capri, Pollini flip flop sandals and Coach messenger bag 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Stuff

bleach out Current/Elliot skinny jeans. compare to my old Guess bleach out jeans...
i like light rinse jeans

two pairs of bras

the lip color i chose for the season. I tried it on this morning, really loved it. i think i will stick to this brand for lip stick and concealer.

got these with 10% off saks code. so glad they carry Shisheido now...i also like Cle De Peau brand.  i got their concealer (showing in the picture), and a lip stick (haven't received)


these comfy and cool wedges are practical yet stylish.

more to come: a pair of clogs, Current/Elliott Jeans, a couple of bras, a top...
will add pictures here when i receive them.

time to pick up my lil pumpkin from school. got to run now (in my new shoes).

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Burberry Jersey Top

i got this Burberry top from last spring/winter. and today i finally wore it for the first time, with my new military green cargo slouchy skinny jeans. 

since i was going to a kids activity, i wore my leopard hair-calf clogs for comfort.  they looked big in the picture because they were on the very front. 

the wine red Prada messenger bag picks up red in the top


my girlfriend looked very elegant in this outfit. she had to go to a friend's house after the festival. so she dressed up a little more.


" together, we conquered the giant dinosaur! "

this giant red truck was his favorite before he finally got to the dinosaur


" hey, guess what, this is the same rabbit from my Birthday Party - what a small world! "

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend Fun: Moonwalk and Games

not a sunny Saturday as we hoped for... we went to lil B's school festival as planned - we need to support his school fund raising program. and he likes moonwalk and games. win-win.

 i was glad i grabbed a long cashmere ruffle trim cardi and McQueen scarf before i run out of the door. i needed them badly. old lady likes to stay warm. haha


husband caught the moment of lil B sliding down with me watching. we need more pictures like this.  i don't want lil B wonder where mommy was when he played in all of the family pictures. (she should not be the only one likes to take pictures!)

my little boy hopping like a rabbit. 

i was in a blue city shorts today. a lot of mommies were in lots of black. one India lady was in a sky high wedge platform and carried Dior patent bag.  her friend carried a Prada bag in black-on-black.  It was nice to see fashionable mommies in the school.

" daddy's #3 piggy got ahead?! my #1 piggy wasn't at 1st place - no way!! "


he threw those little pillows to knock out the ducks on the shelves. he got one after 5 attempts. i'd say not bad at all , high five!  

i just love the determined look in his eyes. lol.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Altered: Velvet Dress & Leopard Haircalf Heels

Before: calf length

* the chocolate velvet dress is by DKNY.
it's 4 years old, never worn until today.

After: above-knee length

* Velvet is in trend this season.


my friend took 3 pictures and all of them turned out to be good; unlike my husband, he takes 10 pictures and only one turns out to be good.


she chooses nice surrounding for better quality pictures.
a good camera is important for good quality pictures. but i think a pair of artistic eyes are the most important.

i cut the ornaments on the vamp of these leopard hair-calf open-toe slingback.
i think simplicity to leopard print is necessary

in a cloudy day like today, a lunch date and a shopping trip with friends and kids are my favorite activity.

this SiChuan restaurant got to be the most popular around the area. it was so packed on Friday, it took us a while to park and get seated. 

have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Emilio Pucci Top

i got this top last year, actually.
i need to stop buying, and try to wear what i have already. with all the extra expenses coming these days, i need to stop buying $300 top!!

i wore the outfit to a friend's house for Sunday brunch. we planned to have a stroll by the harbor after brunch..but it did not happen due to the weather and B's little issue.


regardless, this is a beautiful top. very flattering, anybody can look good in it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

The 4th Birthday Party

little someone turned 4 years old this past weekend! all of his friends were there to celebrate it!!

mommy busy serving all little precious.
i looooooove kids. in one of my dreams, i was a kindergarten teacher.

all 23 kids were absorbed into a terrific magic show with live doves and rabbits


the magician was very good at getting everyone's attention. and he made the whole show a fun laugh non-stop entertainment for the kids. he was funny and he got lots funny dance moves.... my expectation was exceeded.


how fun this gorilla's moonwalk was! kids wanted to jump on this thing forever


his B day started with presents from mommy and daddy and NaiNai in the morning


....and ended with more presents from his sweet friends


he was super thrilled when he saw one of monster trucks he had been searching and waiting for long time! His BFF knows him well!

my stylish friends showed up for the Birthday party...some had left before i got to take pictures for them.


i was in Vera Wang dress, Gucci sandals and Zac Posen clutch

the dress has a high waist line. i don't think it is flattering at all. i guess that's why i have not bought another dress by the designer.

Linlin in her Fall outfit with Chanel purse. show some shoulder- oh yeah, one sexy mama...