Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day School

today is a special day for lil B.  both mommy and daddy joined in his first day at school.

i thought about 3 outfit this rmorning and this drape dress was my final decision.

i chose this dress for its pretty Fall color combo and loose fit.


nude color sandals with grey-ish purple heels


morning air was a little crispy, i added a thin cardi.  there, look much more like a mommy.


this French Connection dress was my original choice. i opted it out because it is too fitted for the occasion.


but i love its perfect tailoring. it's like custom made.
new nail color looks more like deep plum with some grey.


in his school uniform.


  1. Congrats on your son's first day of school! He looks adorable!

    How did he like it?

  2. thanks Mona,
    He liked it. he did not click with any of the kids today... i hope he will find himself a couple of good buddies later.

    he was the one asked me to send him to PreK. we could have waited for one more year since he is not 4 years old yet, but... it was the time. he is tired of not going to school.

  3. You look fabulous!! sandle and purse matches perfectly@

  4. Hi, Julia!

    How are you? I hope your son had a wonderful first day of school!

  5. thanks Linlin,
    sandals and purse do match up! haha...

  6. HI Maria,
    he had a ok first day of school. not as excited as he hoped for. he started to make friends...most importantly, he will learns rules there. we can't teach him that at home. he is getting spoiled..