Sunday, September 19, 2010

Burberry Jersey Top

i got this Burberry top from last spring/winter. and today i finally wore it for the first time, with my new military green cargo slouchy skinny jeans. 

since i was going to a kids activity, i wore my leopard hair-calf clogs for comfort.  they looked big in the picture because they were on the very front. 

the wine red Prada messenger bag picks up red in the top


my girlfriend looked very elegant in this outfit. she had to go to a friend's house after the festival. so she dressed up a little more.


" together, we conquered the giant dinosaur! "

this giant red truck was his favorite before he finally got to the dinosaur


" hey, guess what, this is the same rabbit from my Birthday Party - what a small world! "


  1. thanks Linlin. they are very comfortable to walk in.

    these aren't the new ones i got last week. i will post picture after i receive them.

    good nite xoxo

  2. waving Julia! I love the military green cargo slouchy skinny jeans, go perfect with the rest of your outfit. And looks great for the ocassion, you always look so chic. I might need to get a pair of those cargo pants, I've seen those everywhere. I like yours because they don't look slouchy at all.. that supposed to be the trend, right? I don't like too slouchy.


  3. Hi Waving back to you Claudia. :)
    there are a lot of green cargo float around... a little bit slouchy is good - not skin tight not too slouchy. you will look cool in them!

    piperlime has a sales code now. if you can wait a little longer, you get better discount i am sure. saks FF sales will be in two weeks... i think you can get %25 off on clothing.

    saks having 10% code now... if you need anything, i can give my code to you.