Saturday, September 18, 2010

Weekend Fun: Moonwalk and Games

not a sunny Saturday as we hoped for... we went to lil B's school festival as planned - we need to support his school fund raising program. and he likes moonwalk and games. win-win.

 i was glad i grabbed a long cashmere ruffle trim cardi and McQueen scarf before i run out of the door. i needed them badly. old lady likes to stay warm. haha


husband caught the moment of lil B sliding down with me watching. we need more pictures like this.  i don't want lil B wonder where mommy was when he played in all of the family pictures. (she should not be the only one likes to take pictures!)

my little boy hopping like a rabbit. 

i was in a blue city shorts today. a lot of mommies were in lots of black. one India lady was in a sky high wedge platform and carried Dior patent bag.  her friend carried a Prada bag in black-on-black.  It was nice to see fashionable mommies in the school.

" daddy's #3 piggy got ahead?! my #1 piggy wasn't at 1st place - no way!! "


he threw those little pillows to knock out the ducks on the shelves. he got one after 5 attempts. i'd say not bad at all , high five!  

i just love the determined look in his eyes. lol.

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