Monday, September 27, 2010

DvF Olive Green Dress

Autumn is slowly setting in. the temperature dropped today. lil B ran to my bed this morning and told me it was dark and raining like crazy outside. i did not want to get out of  warm bed. but he manually opened my eyes until i could not stand it any more. lol.  I made breakfast, then we went to the gym.

Supposedly, husband had a dinner appointment from work. i planned to do some Halloween costume shopping with my other man and have dinner in one of our favorite restaurants around the area.  But husband canceled the dinner and came home instead. when he saw me in this DvF olive green silk jersey dress, he thought it was too dressy for my date night. hmm...

 the dress was gathered by a wide MiuMiu python patchwork belt.  a leather motorcycle jacket over the dress can beat Autumn chill and add some edge to the otherwise feminine look.


  1. Thanks Linlin, :)
    i think the most important thing about a leather jacket is the quality of the leather and the tailoring. i want to get one in a different color,still looking.

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