Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sheer grey Cardigan with sea blue skinny Jeans

I am a little under weather lately. plus the stress from raising Ds... he brings amazing joy to my life, he also gives me headache more often than just sometimes.

today is not a good day for him. but yesterday was. we went to the mall. he told me he wanted to get more monster truck in the store. we also needed to pick up birthday gift for his play buddy.

I wore my new sea blue skinny/legging jeans. it turned out i did not go with any of the two outfits i put together earlier. i put on this grey sheer cardigan - felt right, and slouchy hobo Marc Jacob bag was a good finish touch.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Wear Armani Jacket with Shorts

Sometimes I get my inspiration from a good outfit on a celebrity/model; sometimes I find similar outfit from magazines/websites to what i have worn before... great mind think alike?

I love jackets, it gives some dignity to an outfit. Chanel tweed jacket is the queen of all jackets (let's not to think about Balmain jacket for now), I wish to own one Chanel jacket of my choice some day; but for now, i am happy with my Armani jackets.

I wore this grey Armani jacket with a city shorts in April. a couple of days ago, i saw ZZY wore her Armani jacket with shorts on Armani fashion show (on the website, of course), and guess who she was sitting next to? Janet Jackson!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pumpkin Season

... a lot of fun stuff to do in the Fall. Ds keeps saying Halloween is coming. He wants to dress like a Red Sox baseball player this year. last year, he was a Dalmatian.

What to Buy?

September is almost over. Retailers started their journey of F/W sale. i am tempted to get something something with gift cards or goody bags. then i looked into what i have, i found nothing to buy (for now). i have a lot of stuff already (i am not difficult to be satisfied with what i have), most importantly, i dont get to use/wear a lot of stuff i have. like these two outfits:

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Year after Year

Ok, first all, my mother in law left our house and returned to hers this morning. I spent some good hours cleaning afterwards. It feels that I got our life back- it feels very good.

Later, I took Ds out for lunch, and then spent some outdoor time before winter gets here.

It was scary to find out how my life follows a pattern. Tonight, I opened up my picture file labeled as 09.2008. and there was, a picture of 3 of us in an apple orchard! i was wearing my floppy hat, a different hat but always a hat; and slim jeans in lighter rinse...

I am sure there will be a picture just like it next year around the same time.

I love skinny jeans. some are more flattering than others. because my legs are not exactly skinny... my newest skinny jeans are these sea blue J Brand legging jeans. I played it around yesterday, and came up with two outfits:

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Birthday Party + Apple Picking

The weekend flew by, just like many other weekends.

Dh wanted to work on his home improvement project on Saturday. it was a beautiful day, i took Ds out for a ride... leaves start to change colors, the air is crisp. i could not help feeling a little sentimental.

Sunday was action packed. We went to a B Day party, and Apple Winery Orchard.

my ODJ:
Versace top; RL Black label skinny jeans; Fendi white boston tote; Eric Javits hat.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Dress like going to the Office?

When I entered the room in the first outfit (Tory Burch silk/cotton top and Milly tweed A line skirt), My mommy friends said it seemed i was ready to go back to work! haha...but they liked it. after read Rachel's post about 'over dressed', i just want to agree with her, that it is true - dress well or over dressed is like a habit!

these 3 outfits were what i wore this week, which i did not get to take mod pic for. you would think i have a mother in law in my house and i will have a lot of nice mod pic taken. hmm... i dont know how to explain. two months staying in someone's house is totally not a common practice among western people. in this unique situation, it just gets to the point that i am counting the days. she will be leaving next weekend. until then i can hold my breath and maintain my cool.

Shopping for Him

A little boy has a lot of shoppings to do. I always feel good to shop around for his little things and toys because it is pure fun, no guilty feelings on my side at all. sometimes, dh thinks i tend to buy too much stuff for ds. hey, it is better than losing money in the stock market.

i got him these cutest slippers in NordStrom so he can wear them on our new hardwood floor in the family room. he looks so cute in them.

my odj of yesterday:
DVF scarf; DKNY top; Ali Ro bandage skirt; Judith Leiber mules; Gucci tote.

it looked like i put on some weight from this picture. need to spent 2 hours in the gym today.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Little Sweathearts

They have know each other back when they were in The Little Gym. hm, that's... 1.5 years ago. it is a huge joy for me to watch them playing together.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Shopping Buddies

Stay in trend: Metallic

Top: antik batik
capri: burberry
shoes: Prada
scarf: Emilio Pucci
bag: Michael Kors

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big 3 Birthday Pictures

*that long hairy leg (i have no hair on legs) in the last picture isn't mine. it belongs to DH.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Day before Birthday

A rainy day in downtown today. we walked many blocks in the city and took trains to a couple of spots and restaurants. i am not a big fan of getting wet in the rain, but i had a good day with DS, DH, brother in law, and his fiancee ... almost - i fell down on a wet slippery granite surface right before the parking garage. what was worse- DH did not even ask me if i was ok.

mother in law still stays in our house. she did not go out with us because she said she did not feel well in the morning. it seemed her mood had swung to the good side. all i can hear right now is her laughter in the room. later, i found out she felt good again because she took some antibiotic for the infection in her sinuses. i am glad she will be enjoying DS's birthday tomorrow.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

fall into Fall

The Labor day means Summer is over. We spent Labor Day weekend installed bamboo floor (see picture1) in our living room. it was hard work for all of us, but it was a lot of fun too since it was a new thing/challenge to us. DH felt proud and satisfied. I enjoy the result very much, so does DS.

no Internet for me for 5 whole days during the project. although time gone by very fast since so many work needed to be done around the house.

DS' 3 years old B day is coming up. we will be very busy this weekend.

it makes me feel a little sad when i smell the Fall in the air. This morning, DS woke me up and told me that sun was out and it was a nice day. his beautiful voice put a big smile on my face. my day went well with a happy beginning.

i got two things last week. a pair of new shoes by DKNY, and a pair of J Brand legging jeans with zippers on the ankles. i kinda like this sea blue color, very different.

from new issues of my fashion magazines, i got some pointers of what i should be wearing in the fall to stay in trend: Rocker styles, Fall floral, bold shoulders, updated plaids, and modern metallics.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Break from the Routine

I made a last minute decision this morning that we won't be going to Eco for DS' pre school program today. something about routine - I like it and i dont like it. i love varieties and changes.

I dressed up DS and myself and went for a lunch date in a newly opened Japanese restaurant. DS loves seaweed salad for some reason. he also likes mushrooms. - very unusual taste for a little boy his age. Later, one of his friend came over...

I got this little Anya Hindmarch clutch a while ago, totally forgot about it. I wore my new PS shoes with my odj, they are not uncomfortable at all. I suppose a pair of good high heels can be comfortable.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Double Play Dates

We all had a great time with my girlfriend and her son in her favorite mall today. We had to drive almost an hour each way due to the traffic. but it was totally worth it.

we had lunch in an Italian restaurant and had cake/dessert later in another restaurant in the mall. both my girlfriend and my mother in law shopped some new clothes, but i passed. :)

DS and his buddy had a blast. * click on the pictures to see their beautiful features.

I was so happy to see my friend. She just came back from her 3 month trip in Asia.

My mother in law thinks we are very suited to each other as friends, so are our sons.

my odj:
MaxMara Weekend dress, matching MaxMara cardi, Chanel PTT.