Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Little Sweathearts

They have know each other back when they were in The Little Gym. hm, that's... 1.5 years ago. it is a huge joy for me to watch them playing together.


  1. Oh Julia! Long time no talk! How are you doing? I'm busy with packing these days. Your son is really really tall! He is very handsome indeed. And I must say that his Little Gym "girlfriend" (she's so pretty and cute!) is a perfect match!! They look so cute together! :D

    How do you find Little Gym? Mason goes to Gymboree. Are they very alike?

    Have a great day!


  2. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you! they are cute together. she is 7 months older than DS. I really adore her. she likes all the girly stuff. she talks like a little grow-up.

    you are so lucky, you got two girls! they are both as cute as buttons.

  3. HI Mia,

    I am doing fine, thank you for asking.

    yeah, i read about your moving to a new place from your blog. i hope everything go very smoothly for you. I am sure you will have a lot of help with moving though.

    my son is a tall kid. DH's side of family is very tall, especially my mother in law's family. her mother was 6 feet tall. she is 5'7. her daughter is 5'10.

    my son likes girl with curly hair, it looks like... but his passion is monster truck and might machine. he loves playing with his friends. he is very good with girls. very gentle with them.

    i found The Little Gym by referrals. i liked it right away because it's a sunny open space. i like they have a whole wall that made of glass so kids have some of outdoor feeling when they play there in winter. we dont go there any more. kids have to move on from one place to a different place frequently. they get bored of one spot pretty quickly.

    we have Gymboree here too. they are quite alike in my opinion. it really depends on each facility/location. some are better than others.

    i am constantly looking for new spot for my son to go.

    hopefully we get to see some pictures of your new place on your blog!

    have a great weekend!