Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Day before Birthday

A rainy day in downtown today. we walked many blocks in the city and took trains to a couple of spots and restaurants. i am not a big fan of getting wet in the rain, but i had a good day with DS, DH, brother in law, and his fiancee ... almost - i fell down on a wet slippery granite surface right before the parking garage. what was worse- DH did not even ask me if i was ok.

mother in law still stays in our house. she did not go out with us because she said she did not feel well in the morning. it seemed her mood had swung to the good side. all i can hear right now is her laughter in the room. later, i found out she felt good again because she took some antibiotic for the infection in her sinuses. i am glad she will be enjoying DS's birthday tomorrow.

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