Friday, September 18, 2009

Dress like going to the Office?

When I entered the room in the first outfit (Tory Burch silk/cotton top and Milly tweed A line skirt), My mommy friends said it seemed i was ready to go back to work! haha...but they liked it. after read Rachel's post about 'over dressed', i just want to agree with her, that it is true - dress well or over dressed is like a habit!

these 3 outfits were what i wore this week, which i did not get to take mod pic for. you would think i have a mother in law in my house and i will have a lot of nice mod pic taken. hmm... i dont know how to explain. two months staying in someone's house is totally not a common practice among western people. in this unique situation, it just gets to the point that i am counting the days. she will be leaving next weekend. until then i can hold my breath and maintain my cool.


  1. ha ha ha... Julia: Interesting..Yes, I guess it is very uncommon for your in-law stays that long w/ you. I guess you are a very very nice host/daughter-in-law to her then. :) My in-laws comes this Sunday and I told my DH that he better not gives me too much pressure during their stay. well, yep, we were arguing about something I think and then those words just came out of my mouth. :P I think DH is getting OLD, as he babbles a lot of things, not just to me but he also does small talk to strangers. haha aha know, totally like OLD man/woman things. hahahah..

    I like all of your ensemble and yes, they are very OL looks which is not a bad thing, it is just indicate that you are a sophisticated and well put together woman. :)

  2. it is very uncommon indeed. hmm...i must have appearred to be a nice host. hehe..

    actually i do not like to have guest in my house for more than a week. i tend to lose my patience because i like my private space too much.

    what kind of pressure does your dh give to you when his parent in the house? my dh doesnt like to hear my complains about his mother. he tells me not to ruin his day by doing that. haha... i suppose i can understand that. i would not like people complain about my mother in front of me either.

    my dh tries to stay young (we all do). although he has forgot a lot of things as he gets older, things like getting my coat/jacket and put it on my shoulders when we leave other people's house/party or restaurants, ask me what i feel about this and that...

  3. haha... My DH won't give me pressure but it is just he really nags a lot. Small things, big things....things like I need to teach Niel more Phonetics, math, English...etc...well, then he even picky about WHEN is the best time to teach him those stuff...Like we should do it every evening around 8 PM...blah..blah..geez, I said if I have the mood I want to teach whenever. Otherwise, it will be like a quiz from me to my son...checking out if he pays attention at school. Why do I have to teach him everything when he is the one who is suppose to be responsible for learning things at school. Right? I think my son should know that and he should know mom is only "a assistant" for him but he has to do all the work by himself. :)

    Anyways, that's what happened this morning when I was teaching him how to spell and DH has to say that I am yelling in the car!!!!!!! Well, when his parents are there too. The things is you know how kids got spoiled sometimes when grandparents around and how smart they know when to push mommy's limit when we can't really be mad/scold at them in front of in-laws.

    Anyway, I think I need to give my son a big "review" of phonetics later this evening, just to make sure he is not behind!! :P