Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Year after Year

Ok, first all, my mother in law left our house and returned to hers this morning. I spent some good hours cleaning afterwards. It feels that I got our life back- it feels very good.

Later, I took Ds out for lunch, and then spent some outdoor time before winter gets here.

It was scary to find out how my life follows a pattern. Tonight, I opened up my picture file labeled as 09.2008. and there was, a picture of 3 of us in an apple orchard! i was wearing my floppy hat, a different hat but always a hat; and slim jeans in lighter rinse...

I am sure there will be a picture just like it next year around the same time.

I love skinny jeans. some are more flattering than others. because my legs are not exactly skinny... my newest skinny jeans are these sea blue J Brand legging jeans. I played it around yesterday, and came up with two outfits:


  1. I like the first ensemble very much, it is just flawless. As for the second one, I almost had an urge to find a cardigan or something to pair it w/ that burgundy vest. It seems more formal and I guess you can lose up those buttons a little when dressed up. :P Oh, the chunky heels are my fav. piece in your closet!!!! :)

  2. Thank you for your input. the first outfit is less complicated, it is a safe bet. i hope i will wear it soon. i will bring a black cardigan or motorcycle leather jacket in case i need to stay warm.

    we are still wear short sleeves here.

    the vest is brown. it got all these studs that are very trendy now. i just need to wear it right.

    glad to know my nude chunky heels are your fav in my shoe closet. i envy all of your new boots. i have a lot of boots, they are still sleeping. i am not ready for winter to come yet. but i can't wait to wear my boots.