Monday, May 30, 2011

Mini Shoulder Bag Trend


 ugh... B,  you are not the birthday boy...

o, bump!

this Memorial weekend, B enjoyed his first outdoor swim of the year - twice.  he also watched long waited 'KongFu Panda II'. really really loved it. I choked up a couple of times by the wonderful movie. Angelina Jolie's voice for Tigress was amazing...

B had a super-sized playdate with his Chinese friends + a birthday party at pumped up place... DH did one of his favorite thing in the summer - grill out.

as for me, i could not go into the water this week, and i dont eat grilled meat. but, i planned a bathroom renovation, and i bought a Chloe Marcie mini flap! -yay! Not bad after all!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Went to Chanel Bloomingdales Store

I forgot bringing my cell phone and camera with me today - frustating!
i did not have my friend's number with me - thank God i figured out something. she is in the system of NM store. so I went over there and found my SA and she got my friend's number out of the system. Then i used her cell phone call my friend to tell her where to meet.

while we were having lunch, i mentioned Bloomie was having 20% off today (open a bloomie card).  she could not sit tight any longer and we rushed to bloomie...

at the end, she came back with an ivory GST and a pair of cool new Chanel sunglasses. I have to add pictures of her in her new bag next time when i see her. hopefully this weekend.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Long Skirt Trend

Today turned out to be a gorgeous day after a whole week of rain.
we went to a outdoor house party. it was a great time. I forgot to bring camera with me.  hubby said he liked the long skirt i wore today a lot, and he gladly took a couple of pictures of my outfit after we got back home.

i think i got some tan...

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Camouflage Print Silk Shirt

It started to rain as soon as we sat down at restaurant.  not a good weather for a new leather bag to debut.  this particular style of City is more structured. the leather is less wrinkly.  and i like the gold plated hardware.

When B saw me in this shirt, he said, mommy, you are soldier now! Hubby likes this print very much...for a reason.

Friday, May 13, 2011

A New Bag + Umbrella from SH

the color of this City Cross bag caught my fancy.  But is this true-to-color? I saw it on Ipad2 and it appears to be more blue/indigo. My other concern is, can Balenciaga delivery the goods without a drama like last time?  if you still remember, I ordered a gorgeous color last summer, 2 days later, they sent me email and told me the order was canceled! Therefore, i have a good reason to doubt their ability to fulfil an purchase order!!

I am umbrella addict. When my husband first visited my place in China, he was shocked by how many umbrellas I had.  Living in the States has cured a lot of that die-hard habit; but as soon as I went back...

Received a Package

I was pleasantly surprised by the early arrival of the B bag. the bag box was fit into a perfect size of packing box, which is a smart move. it reduces the movement during transportation.

bag was placed flat, the leather was just ok, but the size and look of the bag is not bad. the color is darker in real life, which is what i hoped for.  i think this is my first purple bag... wait, i do have two clutches are purple.

overall, i am fine with the purchase. i am not super thrilled because i can always find some little details that should be made better...

we have two of these trees around our house. this is their prettiest moment of the year...

Birthday Pictures

Birthday was during when we were in SH.  We went to the highest building in SH, and later we celebrated it with friends at a special restaurant, with traditional performing folk art - Changing Face. the restaurant called "八国布衣"

ha, look in this picture - my umbrellas was poking B's face  ... i dont recall since when, he stopped cooperating when he has pictures taken. he always makes faces (bad ones) or goof around in front of camera. hopefully this stage of him goes away soon.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Bold Color Trend

Today is Friday, about one week from the day we came back. officially, our life is back on routine.

I even started to go to the gym. Tonight I had my first yoga class in the year of 2011!
a good long vacation to Shanghai helped me pick up some major motivation.

we had lunch with friend at a Korean restaurant.
we decided to dress in orange/coral today to welcome Spring. 

this pretty jacket is made of buttery soft suede. orange looks good with navy. I wore a navy MK snake skin belt and navy BV hobo with the dress.

right before we walked out of the door, we got a pot of orange flower from B's Nainai!! how lovely! when B opened the door in his orange tee to receive the orange flower from a older gentleman, i heard some giggle. must been a very blissful scene.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Shoes

I came back from Shanghai with these two pairs of shoes. They are in light grey/denim color, very well made and comfortable. actually the second picture with flash demonstrated real colors.   price is not too bad, about $150-$160 per pair.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Pictures from the Trip

Even two of the anti-shopping person enjoyed some shopping from this trip.  Hubby went in this little store called 'Funny Tee' on the famous Nanjin Road.  aww, they looked lovely in their new tees.

Umbrella is widely used by Shanghai girls in sunny days.  I bought a couple of those gorgeous lady-like sun protection when i was there. My skin was doing really well in SH. As soon as i got back, i started to have dry skin flakes on my face, and i have to use lotion all over my body too.

...really enjoyed our trip over there. looking through these pictures makes me feel a little sad.

at Oriental Pearl Towel

ate at Bi Feng Tang boat booth

... more eat: individual hot pot at Dolar Shop

i was wearing a bib, and a Chanel necklace, haha...
( click picture to see close up).

our first day in SH.  
that blue-purple Burberry cashmere scarf in the picture was lost later... very upsetting because i loved it a lot.