Friday, May 6, 2011

Bold Color Trend

Today is Friday, about one week from the day we came back. officially, our life is back on routine.

I even started to go to the gym. Tonight I had my first yoga class in the year of 2011!
a good long vacation to Shanghai helped me pick up some major motivation.

we had lunch with friend at a Korean restaurant.
we decided to dress in orange/coral today to welcome Spring. 

this pretty jacket is made of buttery soft suede. orange looks good with navy. I wore a navy MK snake skin belt and navy BV hobo with the dress.

right before we walked out of the door, we got a pot of orange flower from B's Nainai!! how lovely! when B opened the door in his orange tee to receive the orange flower from a older gentleman, i heard some giggle. must been a very blissful scene.


  1. Julia, welcome back from your trip!

    Exercising and toning up is one of my main resolutions for 2011!

    Love your jacket!

  2. I like the dress. Its very spring color. I thought it would even look more fantastic with a feminie cardigan :-)

  3. Hi Mona,
    thank you for the two comments.
    we shall keep each other motivated to go to the gym in the rest of the 2011. :)

  4. Hi Chicology,
    thank you for the comment and visiting my blog!

  5. HI Julia S.,
    i agree the dress would also look nice with a cardi, or even better than a leather jacket. I really have hard time to incorporate that leather jacket into my wardrobe...