Monday, May 30, 2011

Mini Shoulder Bag Trend


 ugh... B,  you are not the birthday boy...

o, bump!

this Memorial weekend, B enjoyed his first outdoor swim of the year - twice.  he also watched long waited 'KongFu Panda II'. really really loved it. I choked up a couple of times by the wonderful movie. Angelina Jolie's voice for Tigress was amazing...

B had a super-sized playdate with his Chinese friends + a birthday party at pumped up place... DH did one of his favorite thing in the summer - grill out.

as for me, i could not go into the water this week, and i dont eat grilled meat. but, i planned a bathroom renovation, and i bought a Chloe Marcie mini flap! -yay! Not bad after all!!


  1. I just watched Kungfu Panda 1 recently (yah..I know I am soooo behind times). Po is sooo hilarious. I want to watch Kungfu Panda II with my son soon! ;p

    The bag is cute! Modeling pic soon? :)

  2. you and your son will love the movie! it is just wonderful, people plaused at the end.

    yes,i will post outfit with the new bag some day this week/weekend.