Saturday, June 4, 2011

His Birthday

It was a chilly but sunny summer day at Boston Commons.

We went to the city and celebrated His birthday.

B had a great time with some boys at Frog Pond Playground. The birthday boy smoked cigar with friend - one of his favorite things to do.

Then we strolled along some famous stores. After half an hours in Hermes, someone came out with an orange bag!

The birthday boy chose his favorite steak house, Grill23, to have his birthday dinner. It was perfect, every single dish was done right.

He is now watching Boston Bruins Hokey game at home...

just the way he wanted for his birthday!!


  1. We surely had a busy day. Great time! :-)

  2. yes it was! I love spending Saturday like that in the summer.... a little bit of everything.

    i am sure your day at the city today would be another wonderful time. can't wait to see the pictures...