Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Shop in My bag Closet

I like this new LV bag i saw on the fashion magazine. should I get it?  wait, i have a bag sleeping in my closet, she looks like this LV.   I only used it 2 times since i got it 8 years ago... too bad, GZ no longer making purses.  every designer wants to create 'IT' bag - it's like a cash cow. but it is definitely not easy -even to a very talented designer.  

in this case, who inspired who?  this GZ bag was out much earlier...

detail pictures of new H scarf...


  1. The bag looks almost identical! *gasp*

    Looks like you are a scarf fan, Julia? I'm pretty clueless/clumsy with scarves...perhaps I can pick up a few pointers from you and other bloggers :)

  2. I am a scarf fan. another bloger would be MaiTai's Picture Book. she is the master of scarf.