Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Mini Vacation

It was a two day trip to a water park resort. We stayed in a hotel room for one day, and made two trips to the park that connected to the hotel. Since the trip was on our anniversary, we went to a very nice restaurant to celebrate after playing at the water park. Dh had his tender duck with truffle plus other side dishes. i had Ahi Tuna steak with truffle plus other side dishes.

for this short trip to a kid's place, i packed below two outfits. i wore these clothes last winter too. oh except for the scarf (the one in the picture is Etro), i brought my new Alexander McQueen chiffon scull with wings scarf with me.

it will be my last chiffon scarf though - it snags too easily! i have 3 snags on this new scarf already, and one of the snags was found when it first arrived in my house... they are not very noticeable, actually i probably will be the only person ever know there are snags on this scarf. but it does bother me in a minor degree.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weekend MaxMara

It is just like what its name indicates, a perfect line for weekend wear.

today is Sunday, we took a trip to downtown. i wore one of my xmas scores, a Weekend Max Mara wool dress. Dh took one picture of me sitting on a 'tunnel', and it did not turn out well - my eyes were half shut (so were Ds' eyes)... so i am only showing the outfit here... the rest of the outfit is JC felt hat, TB cardi, and SW riding boots with details like buckles, lace-up...the bag is Marc by Marc Jacob.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Little Boy's Christmas

It's all about a little boy on the Christmas morning. yesterday was one of his happiest day in the year. Two hours later, he sat in the couch and signed, i got a lot of presents!

in case someone wondered, Dh got a Michael Kors fur trim (only around hood) Parka, some gym clothes and Kiehl's skin products.

i did good too, of course. :) Let pictures do the talk.

*all the gifts were for Ds alone under the tree. We did not wrap our gifts. Dh cares very litttle about getting anything for himself on xmas. in general, he is a very lowkey person.

**the green jade earrings are Stephen Dweck. the rest are with their labels. click on the picture to see.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Almost time for Presents

I could not wait to open my presents... so i did. after done taking pictures, i quickly put them back into their boxes with bows.

my first present is Alexander McQueen scarf. Then a Burberry dark green cashmere sweater; then a silk jersey, casual, long sleeve DvF dress.

it is very clear what Ds wants... he pointed it out to Santa. of course, he always ends up get more than what he told Santa. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowing Hard

I often see celebrities looking cool in fedora hat. I got a Gucci one last year. actually i have not worn it outside the house... shame on me.

Dh and Ds don't miss a chance to play outside. They dressed warm and went outside to build a snow house this morning. I took some pictures through our living room window (i did not go out).

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cookie Party

Yesterday we went to a cookie swap party. I am not a big fan of cookie, so I left my cookies without swap. I also cooked cold sesame noodle as my potluck. it turned out to be the most popular food.

I do recycle my clothes from my wardrobe too! this sunflower sweater I bought from saks sale last year was picked to be worn to the cookie party. instead of gold sequin/glitter mini skirt, I opted for a skinny jeans. it turned out to be a good choice as we were expected to take off shoes in the house. it feels much better walk around in thick cotton socks than delicate tights!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Glow

I dont have wrinkles yet, -thanks to my mom. but I have quite a few spots on my face.

for many years, i have been using Shiseido skin care products. I also use La Mer and La Prairie sometimes. I try to do facial mask every two weeks. and i sweep some loose powder with glitter on the cheeks when i need extra glow. I avoid wearing a lot of foundation- because it blocks natural glow underneath your skin.

my skin care list goes:
i dont take any type of vitamins; dont drink coffee/alcohol including wine and cocktails; never smoke; always go to bed early; rarely travel; exercise regularly; always take off make-up before i go to bed no matter how sleepy i am; dont take any type of medicine - not even Ibuprofen... etc.

it gives you a picture of a person with little fun. ... but a boring life style somehow benefit your skin. so everything has two sides.

i must add one more thing: recent warning from cancer doctors is that getting enough sun will reduce cancer rate by whoopee 40%! - one of the perks as a SAHM is that i get plenty of opportunities to be in the sun and fresh air.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Last year we had Ds & Santa picture taken at Dh's company kids' xmas party. Dh complained the Santa they hired was not a good looking Santa. This year, I went to mall and got in line, which was 1 hour long, paid 30 bucks. they say you get what you pay for. - well, this expensive Santa is indeed a good looking Santa!

what i wore in the picture is a cashmere/cotton cape (by Saks Classic) i got from last year's saks crazy sale. I saw a picture of Jessica Simpson from in a similar cape. it reminded me that i have one too.

the rest of the outfit:
bag: Tod's
red quilt skirt: Pleasantly Surprised - a Asian brand
boots: Via Spiga

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Holiday Wearing: Red Scarf

I got this shimmery black sweater dress by Marc by Marc Jacob from i love the big patch pockets and gunmetal leather details on the shoulders.

the rest of the outfit:
cashmere scarf: Charter Club
Necklace: Majorica
Merino tights: Wolford
patent booties: Burberry
Bag: Shanghai Tang

Burberry is going on sale these their boutiques and department stores. i scored this top on 40% off. i hope it will look nice on me.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Holiday Wearing: Fuchsia Sweater

During holiday season, we tend to wear colors. it simply brightens our mood.

I wore my fuchsia cashmere sweater (by Line) to the mall to have Ds' picture with Santa taken yesterday. the sweater looks plain front, but it has a row of big golden button on the back. - gold is another popular color for holiday.

the rest of the outfit-
City shorts: Tory Burch.
Calf hair handbag: Prince - a brand in Asia.
Patent Booties: Fendi
Stocking: Wolford

while we were in the mall, I got a red cashmere scarf and an Argyle sweater, two pairs of skinny jeans (Levi's Captial E and Anlo), some gym clothes, and bright pink lip colors for holiday.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Animal Print

I wore these pink leopard print distressed calf hair boots twice since i had them.

My ODJ of yesterday, compared to the outfit with the same boots (Claudia Ciuti) and skirt (MaxMara) last year. you can see my new 'heart with wings' necklaces by click on the picture for close up.

A new pair of patent booties bought during black Friday sale. i got some compliments on these at my first wear. love them. low 3' heels, very sleek looking...