Sunday, December 27, 2009

Weekend MaxMara

It is just like what its name indicates, a perfect line for weekend wear.

today is Sunday, we took a trip to downtown. i wore one of my xmas scores, a Weekend Max Mara wool dress. Dh took one picture of me sitting on a 'tunnel', and it did not turn out well - my eyes were half shut (so were Ds' eyes)... so i am only showing the outfit here... the rest of the outfit is JC felt hat, TB cardi, and SW riding boots with details like buckles, lace-up...the bag is Marc by Marc Jacob.


  1. LOve your new Maxmara weekend line outfit!!

    They have the same elegant look but w/ more fun and affordable price!!

    Your son looks so happy there!!

    Hope you had a wonderful holidays!!

  2. Hi R,

    How was your Christmas? I have not seen your new post for a few days.

    thank you for comment. i like maxmara but i have been only buying their weekend line since i became a SAHM. they are more affordable and wearable for me. i like the quality too, it definitely has maxmara's DNA in their weekend line. i noticed the weeekend line are made in East Europe.

    my son had a great time yesterday. he told us he had a good day on the way home, and he felt in sleep soon after he said that. haha...:)

  3. Hi Julia!

    I like a lot your outfit, the TB yellow mustard cardigan pops really well against the MM wool dress. As always your son pics are adorable :)

    Have a Happy New Year.

  4. good evening Claudia,

    thank you. i hope you had a great xmas. did you go any where? what present you got this xmas impressed you?


    Wish you a happy New Year!

  5. very nice weekend dress, i love that you wore it with a yellow cardi. Your boy has grown up and he is still a little handsome boy!

    Happy New Year to you!!

  6. Happy New Year to you Littlefish!

    i think the dress itself would look plain without the yellow cardi. i thought of it when i purchased the dress. luckily i have many different color cardi, and the yellow brings up the beauty of the dress.

    my little boy is growing i stare at him all the time. he changed. but he is still handsome. sometimes i wonder what he will look like when he grows up to be a young man. :)