Monday, December 7, 2009

Christams Tree of 2009

We did some shopping on Saturday, and bought our Christmas tree on Sunday. It took a while to set up the tree and decorate the tree. Dh is an expert on that. under the tree, Ds will find many presents on xmas morning.

I tried on the Brown sparkly eyeshadow, Shiseido holiday limited edition. i think it looked a little heavy on me. i should use less of it next time.


  1. Oh Julia! I love the fur collar on you! Instantly so chic with your simple outfit. :D

    Your Shiseido eye it what you're wearing in the picture above? When I enlarge the picture, I don't think the color looks too heavy on you. Maybe because it's on camera? It's a beautiful shade. I love all sorts of brown shades for eye shadow to do contouring of the eyes as this color really fits Asian complexion/feature. :D

    I so envy you gals over there as you have really big houses where you can accommodate a very big Xmas tree. Here space is so limited so we only have a really small 4-feet one. Hahahahahha! Mason helped me put on the decoration.....he enjoyed it! :D

    Love your Xmas tree. Very colorful and sparkly! Now I'm starting to feel the festive season....

    Take care!


  2. hi, Julia:

    How are you doing?
    The Christmas looks very real!! Or it is real?

    Can't really tell the eye shadows on you but sure the fur color also accentuates your face!!

  3. HI My Dear Mia,

    You are one of most observant person i know.

    yeah, the shadow doesnt look very heavy when you enlarge the picture. and a lot of the color hide underneath my Asian eye lids.

    i like all kinds of brown eye shadows too, they match my hair and brows color. and they look natural on my Asian skin tone.

    our tree is 7 feet tall. it takes off a lot of space in our living room. on top of it, it's a lot of work because it is a real pine tree, it shed some pine needles every day. we need to water it every two the end of its life, we have a big mess to clean up and then take it to a certain place to recycle it - because regular garbage truck won't take it!

    but we love real trees. it smells nice and look nice.

    i used to living in an 3 bedroom apt before i moved here. i did not even bother put up a xmas tree back then... mostly because i was single.

    i think i am going to the mall today again... endless xmas shopping.

  4. Rachel, thank you for asking, i am doing well. just a little sleep deprived from the weekend. i watched a long Chinese soap tv show.

    i read your blog so i know what you've been up to lately... i like your white xmas tree.

    yes, our tree is a real pine tree. i thought about getting a fake one, environment friendly... but they just dont look nice to me. my husband doesnt agree of getting a fake one. he told me the xmas tree we got were from a xmas tree farm, not from the forest.

    oh you couldn't see the shadow?! hm... i thought it looked pretty obviously. my husband always tell me that my make- up isn't strong at all when i ask him about it. i always am afraid of having too much make up. i have a set of fake lashes but have never use it. i know it will make my eyes look much better. when i find a right occasion i will wear it.

    thank you for your praise on my fur collar.

    can't wait to see your next outfit.

  5. Hi Claudia,

    I forgot to mention that i saw the new shoes you got from ann taylor. they are so dainty! perfect for pairing with your holiday dress.

    they look like Valentino shoes. good pick.

  6. Hi Mia,

    I went to your blog again this morning, but i did not see my comment on your ruffle theme post. i wonder where it went... it's rather weird.

    i also left comment on PurseAddict's birthday post. and it would not publish. i tried 3 times!

    anyway, i love your ruffle collection. where do you put all these clothes?! i remember you mentioned that you had storage place somewhere for your huge collection of clothes?

    i love the first ruffle outfit the most. very well put-together. the purple chanel flap is perfect color pop.

  7. You look so pretty, Julia! I love the fur collar. Is it one of MaiTai's?

    Your tree looks nice! Is your son excited for Christmas? We just finished decorating ours on Sunday. Every year I decorate with a Victoria theme with old fashioned ornaments and decorations.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


  8. thank you Maria.

    no, the fur collar is not from Maitai's store. I got it last year from saks' crazy sale. :)

    my son is very excited about xmas. he loves the tree. he asks to turn on the light whenever we are at house.

    you too!

  9. Hi Julia....haha. Yes, I'm very observant of things around me, and I am a very detailed-oriented person. :P

    Oh 7 feet tall pine tree!! Real tree! You are soooo lucky Julia! I love love love the smell of pine tree very much! My dream as a kid is to have a real pine tree at home (of course it's only a dream coz you can never find one in HK! LOL!) But it's interesting to know about the "after-cleaning-work"....didn't thought about that when I was dreaming! Hahahhaha! Anyway, I'm so impressed about you and your real tree...keep it up! I think it's the best!!

    So, you're going Xmas shopping again today? Can't wait to see what goodies you will bring home. strange about your posting comments on my blog and Purse Addict's blog. I didn't change any setting on mine so that's weird. Did you get to see the message "your comments are successfully published" kind of thing on the screen and you're asked to type certain words for verification before your comments are published?? Maybe you can restart your computer and try again? Hope it will work.

    Oh...thanks for liking my ruffles collection. I have more of them to share next time....:D I love my purple Chanel flap very much. I really like all sorts of purple colors...hehe! And you have good memory Julia! Indeed, Hong Kong apartments are not spacious enough to store lots of clothes. So, I have a mini-warehouse to store my clothes there. I have around 40 carton box inside this warehouse full of you can imagine. I remember I was asked to take pictures of my closet won't see my entire cloth collection in my closet room coz it's nothing like walk-in closets in the US where you just hang everything out and no cabinets. My clothes are spread among several cabinets and drawers. I mostly fold my clothes and just iron it before each usage. Hanging clothes just takes so much space so folding is the best to fit more into the cabinets. But if I have a house in the US, I think I'm going to hang out all my clothes.

    Now, I have 1 room for my cabinets, 1 room for my bags and shoes, and some cabinets in Mason's room and our master bedroom where I store my clothes too. All are small rooms (nothing compared to the room in the US houses)....:P

    Anyway, happy Xmas shopping! Do share with us your loot!

    Take care!


  10. Hi! Julia, you are looking charming on the picture above. The fur collar, the gloves...gorgeous.
    Nice real christmas tree. Awww..the deep and fragant aroma...I think is the the most wonderful christmas scent. I love it. I have an artificial tree but now on days looks close to real..but missing the aroma :( I'll have to burn some pine tree candles haha.

    I can't wait to see what you got on your shopping trip.

    Oh you know I had to return the ann taylor shoes. I'm size 61/2 and they were sold out on this size, so I went for the 6 but it turned out to be a bit small on my feet.

    Best Regards,

  11. Hi Claudia,
    i saw that ann taylor shoes from InStyle magazine. they are pretty. too bad your size not avail.

  12. Hi Mia,

    xmas shopping everyday. you will see the stuff i get from my post. its' fun to know what friends buy.

    Yes, I remember things about you. I don't have tons of friends spreading out in real life and internet. it is easy for me to remember friend's stuff. :)