Sunday, December 13, 2009

Ho Ho Ho

Last year we had Ds & Santa picture taken at Dh's company kids' xmas party. Dh complained the Santa they hired was not a good looking Santa. This year, I went to mall and got in line, which was 1 hour long, paid 30 bucks. they say you get what you pay for. - well, this expensive Santa is indeed a good looking Santa!

what i wore in the picture is a cashmere/cotton cape (by Saks Classic) i got from last year's saks crazy sale. I saw a picture of Jessica Simpson from in a similar cape. it reminded me that i have one too.

the rest of the outfit:
bag: Tod's
red quilt skirt: Pleasantly Surprised - a Asian brand
boots: Via Spiga


  1. Julia, Oh what a sweet photo of your son and Santa. They both look great!!

  2. I love the outfit. It's classic and yet so chic and stylish! So sophisticated! The bag is so pretty! I love the colors.

    I hope you're having a good holiday season,


  3. Very nice outfit. I love the stars and xxx details on the skirt ^^

  4. Your DS is such a handsome boy! Your outfit is beautiful -- I love that skirt!

    Take care,

  5. Hi Claudia,

    thank you for your compliment for DS' santa picture. i looked a few more santas these days, and realized how nice our santa this year was. he has natural white beard...

    the skirt is fun, huh? i love those Japanese old fashion details. a new piece gives a old piece some modern life.

  6. FF/Julia,

    Thank you very much for your beautiful comment.

    I rarely use this bag. someone from TPF told me it looks like one of hermes bags. i posted it there one time.

    you too, have a wonderful holiday season,

    shop till drop! :)

  7. Thank you Maria. i am glad you like the skirt. it is a unusual piece. you can tell i have this one for quite some times. do people wear red skirts like that any more?... it is right for holiday season.

  8. such a lovely photo of your DS and Santa. That's a good looking Santa, like right out of the movies, definitely worth the wait!

    nice ODJ, I love Tod's bags, very well made and pretty!

    Merry Christmas!!

  9. Your outfit w/ red skirt is so cozy and pretty, of course.

  10. Thank you E.F./Peachbaby.

    long time no see. how is your holiday season so far? have a lot of shopping done?

    yeah, i always think tod's bags are understated but well made. its G bag became one of the IT bag this year.

    merry xmas to you too!

  11. Hi R.,
    it is a warm looking skirt. we have very cold weather lately on NorthEast coast... i have been dressing warm and try to stay warm.

  12. Hi Julia,

    My holiday season is going fine so far, pretty busy, but I like being busy. I got almost all of my Christmas shopping done already, most of it done online ;-). Thank goodness for online shopping since I have to do a lot of traveling for work these past two months. Have you gotten your shopping done as well?

    Yeah, Tod's bags are my work-horse bags. I don't have to baby them at all, and they still look good; I absolutely love them!

  13. yes, i did half of my shopping online too. still i enjoy going to the mall and do physical shopping whenever i can. i like to be able to see what i get in person.

    i am almost done with xmas shopping. today i am going out to get some gift cards. then pick a day of the rest of the week to ship gifts out.