Friday, December 4, 2009

What I got during Black Friday 4

We went to the mall today as planned. I got a new eye shadow, gold brown sparkly- very nice for holiday. i think people lean toward the colors like gold, red, and green during holiday season. i also got myself a red cashmere scarf.

Dh laughed when he saw me in this outfit ( see below picture: featured shoes are one of new buys; silk dress is DvF).
he loved the outfit and took a picture for me and Ds, but he thought i dressed too well for shopping - it made him laugh. huh! i got a lot of compliments on this outfit from other women today though. whatever...

We had a happy lunch with a SA from NM. she loves giving Ds candy, and plays with him. Ds' friend and his mommy changed their plan last minute and did not come along...

anyway, i had my yoga class tonight, and it was great.

* big golden chunky watch is in now, it doesn't overwhelm a slim wrist, it supposes to add manly,strong vibe.


  1. OMG Julia! You look great! Love your black & white outfit very much! And you've paired it so well with your lace/patterned stockings. Nice nice! Haha..i don't think you're overdressed for know men..LOL!

    Oh your Prada wallet is divine. I think it's the "cervo antik" (deerskin) leather right? Love it!

    And I love oversized watch too! I have an inexpensive gold one from Seiko...hehe...for pilots. :D Great to wear with T-shirts or shirt dresses.

    So you're doing yoga now? I used to do yoga too before I got married...enjoyed it but I like fast-beat dancing more....hehehehhe!

    Happy weekend!


  2. Hi Julia, your outfit is very elegant and chic. Aww...I don't get tired of saying that your son is toooo cute :)

    OMG...the prada wallet is gorgeous. Are you going to keep it? haha I know the answer is yes, right? LOL I still have hope to find one, I called the SA at saks and they sold out and I doubt anyone would return at that price. Well, have to get it next time.

    Enjoy all your great buys. Your did wonderful with all your shopping.


  3. Oh, I love that outfit! It's not too dressed up for shopping, it's perfect for it. I LOVE thy mary-jane shoes you wore with it. The Michael Kors oversize watch looks amazing and super chic.


  4. Mia, Happy Weekend!

    this type of outfit is proved to be what works for me. i always falls back to it when i dont have a good idea of what to wear to a nice environment like mall. well, at the least the mall i go to have a very nice environment and many good stores.

    yes, dear expert. the prada wallet is deerskin, 'cervo antik'. very soft yet solid and smooth.

    i would wear chunky gold watch with dress too. i saw Jennifer Aniston in a dress with her chunky gold rolex watch ( john mayer gave it to her), looking powerful and chic.

    yes, i have been going to yoga class for more than half year now. i used to do aerobic class when i was in my 20s. i still do it sometimes. Zumba class is also fun class to go.

    have a great weekend!

  5. Thanks, Claudia. you know what, i think you are ready to have a baby. hehe...

    i think you will have some chance to locate a prada cervo antik wallet. just keep checking with your sa. dont give up.

    i have two or three things to arrive next week. i love holiday season shopping.

    you too have a great weekend

  6. Hello FashionFirst!
    ...a new friend. welcome to my blog and thank you for your sweet comment.

    the mary jane shoes are comfortable for walking. i would not say the same about a pair of pumps in same height.
    mary Janes, bootie shoes...etc are much easier for your feet in general.

    the gold watch i got in MK store was on sale from $295 down to $175. worth checking it out if you like this trend.

    hope to see you often.

    have a great holiday! -julia

  7. Beautiful dress, Julia -- you look so elegant!

    I love your Prada wallet and the Michael Kors watch is just stunning!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    Take care,

  8. Thank you Maria!

    Hope you had a great weekend.

    have a wonderful week ahead