Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What I got during Black Friday 1

First two items showed up today.
Dh told me there were two boxes from saks when we got back from Ds' play time. saks shipping is the best.

Tada -

my very first pair of Juicy Couture boots. They totally meet my expectation: very practical, well made, trendy (3 buckles) and chic. the fuchsia/hot pink leather lining are unique and fun. i know i will be wearing these a lot. they are like slip right on. perfect for mommy with a little active boy. Oh Ds told me the big pink plush shoe bag was a little baby blanket...

one of the 2 dresses, Haute Hippie allover-sequin dress - Ds was modeling it. i plan to wear it with my black leather jacket...

i am keeping both items. they both hit this season's hot trends, not mention they are quality items that i can and will use/keep for a long time.


  1. Julia! Congrats. wow! Great buys. I can't wait to see modeling pics, please!!! Oh your son is too cute :):)

  2. Oh Julia!! Your son is sooooo cute! I want to bite him! :D I think boys like gadgets in general....Mason is also in love with our laptops and always want to type on the keyboard in Chinese!!

    I love your Juicy Couture boots! It's very different from your feminine shoes, but I'm sure you will rock them. And your sequined dress is so pretty! Can't wait for your modeling pix!

    Anything else from your loot? Can't wait!

    I wish I am in the US, I think no place else (not even Hong Kong which is a shopping paradise already) can compare to the sales there.

    Looking forward to see more from your sales loot!

    Take care!


  3. Claudia,

    I wish i could get that wallet for you from my computer. I was sent the link by saks yesterday morning, and i saw a lot of things on sale. including a few boots Rachel got.

    i got a prada wallet myself, a deerskin one, never went on sale before so i thought it might be worth getting. that red one is very attempting, i was watching it for quite a few times. i am glad i resisted at the end. also because i have a red continental wallet already.

    i will post more stuff i bought later. and mod pic will follow.

    thank you for your compliment for my son.

  4. Mia, thank you for your compliment for my son. he is quite delicious. i always bite him. hehe...

    so this mini computer my husband got for me, actually is used by my son most of the time. he watches his show and play some simple games there.

    i do have more loot to come. so i named the first reveal as 1.

    we have good sales during holiday season and two end of seasons. you should totally move here. how about NYC? i would love to visit a friend in NYC once in a while. hehe..

  5. Julia,
    I'm planning on calling saks and mentioned about the prada sale price and see if they can order for me through the phone. I do have a LV wallet but this one is beautiful and i think is worth it for that price. should i get it?? goshh.... many thanks for the info. you are awesome :)

  6. Julia,

    Amazing loot! Love the boots; I was very tempted to get them but I wasn't sure if it would fit me. Would love to see modeling pics of it. You dress is very pretty too; can't wait to see modeling pics of that as well :) I love the sales during this time of the year!!

    BTW, your son is tooo cute!! :)

  7. Oh Julia...I totally can see myself living in NYC!! LOL!! Haha.....it's like a giant Hong Kong...:P Can you believe I've never been to the US in my whole life? I've traveled around the world but not US....

    Someday, our family have to go to the US with Mason...I'm sure he'll love it there! :D


  8. claudia,

    i saw this wallet on sale today:http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=282574492709395&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446232359&R=8033904866788&P_name=Prada&sid=11259847207900&bmUID=1259847570055

    i got the one without the zipper.

    let me know how it turns out.

    good day!

  9. EE/peachbaby,

    the juicy boots i got are half size bigger. please be aware. they are very practical and cool looking boots, i hope you get a pair too. saks all sold out these. you maybe find them somewhere else. btw, i did not get much of discount on these, i paid $340.

    thank you for your praise to my son. :)

  10. Mia,

    Mason would love USA. it is called 'heaven for children and women' for a good reason! :)

    please let me have a chance to meet with you and family when you come over to North East area.