Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snowing Hard

I often see celebrities looking cool in fedora hat. I got a Gucci one last year. actually i have not worn it outside the house... shame on me.

Dh and Ds don't miss a chance to play outside. They dressed warm and went outside to build a snow house this morning. I took some pictures through our living room window (i did not go out).


  1. OMG, stunning snow pics. How adorable... your DH and DS playing with the snow.

    You so totally rock in your outfit!!! I love your Bunny skull? scarf. That is very unique design.

  2. thanks Claudia. they are quite adorable when they play hard and seriously. hehe...

    the scarf is men's scarf, Psycho Bunny is the brand name. it is sold in NeimanMarcus and Saks. and they also have their own website.

    it is cute and unique indeed, not mention the great quality. it is all made in U.K.

    did you do any shopping this weekend?

  3. Wow -- that's a lot of snow! We rarely get snow in my part of the US. It looks like so much fun!

    Love your fedora -- very chic!

  4. thanks Maria. we had a lot of snow this Sunday. it looks like we will have a real snowy xmas after all. i love snow. i dont like playing with it, but i enjoy looking at it very much. if i need to go out to the snow, i just put on my waterproof coat and ugg boots. but there is no need for me and Ds to go out when it snows now because i dont work and we have a snow plow company take care of snow before we go out.

  5. My, we sure don't see that here in California. it is amazingly beautiful .... Ok, I know snow is very dirty but they always look very WHITE and clean in the picture. :)

    You are looking great in your fedora and it looks you are ready for a vacation w/ that outfit..... I know it is impossible to wear just THAT to go out! :)

    Happy holidays!!

  6. Hey R.,
    no snow in CA, huh? we got tons of snow this past Sunday. it is very beautiful to look at. and a lot of people here who likes snow ski...winter sports always hope for a snow like this.

    snow is not that dirty. it always depends on the air quality too. we have pretty good air, no polution or anything. but when snow starts to melt, it is yuky.

    we have a mini vacation coming up... but i am not going to dress like that either. you r right that i dont want to dress like that when i go out. too much for a SAHM. haha..

    happy holiday to you too! -xoxo

  7. Wow, that's a lot of snow! I live in Canada, and it looks like we're going to have a green Christmas this year, unfortunately.

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Hi theduchessofH,

    thank you for dropping by and leaving me a comment. :)

    No snow yet in Canada?! that's unexpected. I've been to Montreal once, it is further north from us, so it must have been covered by snow already. from your blog, i remember you live in Toronto.

    btw, your new Hermes bicycle looks very cool.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!