Thursday, December 3, 2009

What I got during Black Friday 3

3 pairs of shoes are here: the first two pairs are Via Spiga; the last pair are ColeHann.
these shoes are not designer ones, but they are made well with leather lining/sole.

the necklace is a 'heart with wings'. actually i have another 'heart with wings' necklace back ordered. it looks very different from this one. it is edgy, rough looking, much bigger. more of a statement....can't wait to see it in two weeks.


  1. Hi Julia! Great buys! I esp. love the 2nd pair with 2-toned color and the little cut-out details. I also love to buy shoes from non-designers....can't always splurge everything on designer stuff, as not all designer stuff are great, right? I don't really like splurging on designer's clothes too like some other people (except for coats / nice cashmeres) because I strongly believe you can find more special clothes in either vintage stores or local small stores...hehe. Anyway, love your heart with wing necklace. It's a long necklace right? That reminds me, I have some necklaces and earrings with wing designs too....hmm...will model them next time on my blog.

    I'm glad your buys turn out great this time. Have a great weekend!


  2. thank you Mia. i totally agree with you, that we can't always splurge one designer shoes. 1, they are not always worth the hefty price tag; 2. the quality is not that much better. the shoes i got this time are all Italy made, leather all over. they are good enough for a lot of occasions. i would wear a pair of designer shoes to a special occasion for sure.

    i am not huge splurger on designer clothes myself. i have not gotten myself buying things like a chanel tweed jacket. another important reason is that i do have a budget. i dont want to spend unwisely.

    you know you should take out all of your wings jewelry now. it is so popular now, since when Rihanna wore hers. a big CC Skye crystal angel wings necklace everywhere and multiple occasions...

  3. I agree with you both here. Those two brands Cole hann and via spiga carries great shoes. These are my brands, they are affordable and well made.

    Julia, talking about shoes I just got myself this shoes from ann taylor:

    Got in a beige tone and I think they are very similar to the valentino bow shoes. Of course the price here is great plus got 40% off hehe.

    Love all the shoes you got. Bravo. And necklace looks lovely too.