Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Glow

I dont have wrinkles yet, -thanks to my mom. but I have quite a few spots on my face.

for many years, i have been using Shiseido skin care products. I also use La Mer and La Prairie sometimes. I try to do facial mask every two weeks. and i sweep some loose powder with glitter on the cheeks when i need extra glow. I avoid wearing a lot of foundation- because it blocks natural glow underneath your skin.

my skin care list goes:
i dont take any type of vitamins; dont drink coffee/alcohol including wine and cocktails; never smoke; always go to bed early; rarely travel; exercise regularly; always take off make-up before i go to bed no matter how sleepy i am; dont take any type of medicine - not even Ibuprofen... etc.

it gives you a picture of a person with little fun. ... but a boring life style somehow benefit your skin. so everything has two sides.

i must add one more thing: recent warning from cancer doctors is that getting enough sun will reduce cancer rate by whoopee 40%! - one of the perks as a SAHM is that i get plenty of opportunities to be in the sun and fresh air.


  1. wow, Julia, you have completely different skincare from my skin regime. I assume we have different skin type then. :) I always wonder how great is La Mer since quite a few of my friends use their product and only few of them would really recommend it. I heart Isabel says that she likes their eye cream!! maybe I should try next time then!!!

    Oh, it is funny that I thought the last pic. of your son is something you shrink him down and do the photo editing yourself...hahahahaha.. oh, then I realize it is the TREE that's HUGE!! (yes, it is after I saw the pic. of you holding your son and w/ your Christmas and I assume the next pic. if your son w/ that tree alone...) anyway.... I think I am going to bed earlier....I am rambling here.... blah... Nite!! Oh, maybe GOOD MORNING is more appropriate!!! :)

  2. Hi Rachel,
    i think we have different skin type. my hair color is brown, not black. hair color and skin type are related to each other in most cases.

    i would not recommend La Mer. but they do have good eye cream which worth splurge on.

    Shiseido came out a new skin care series called 'future solution' - it supposed to be same level as La Mer. i use them and love love love.

    the last picture was taken with a gigantic xmas tree in front of NeimanMarcus. it is two storage tall. Ds saw many people have pictures taken in front it, he went over and wanted his pictures taken too. :) he appeared so small there.

  3. Hi Julia,

    Your skin is beautiful! I would love to have a complexion like yours. My skincare habits are similar to yours except that I drink a cup of coffee everyday and I stay up fairly late each night. I need to get more sleep and drink more water.

    I love the photo of you and your DS -- very sweet! The photo of your DS next to that enormous tree is great too.

    Have a good weekend, Julia!

    Take care,

    PS: Rachel, are you enjoying that gorgeous Birkin?

  4. Thank you Maria, why are you so sweet? :)

    yes, drink a lot of water instead. sleep is something we can't really control. sometimes i lose sleep, or suck into some tv shows. but we all know very well that lack of sleep will turn off glow. not mention the eye bags and dark circle. i get puffy eye very easily...

    I just read Rachel's reply to my suggestion of shopping more. Her birkin bag took up a big chunk of her clothing budget this year. i can totally understand that. but it is such a gorgeous bag. i am not sure i will ever get one myself. leave it to unknown. maybe i will...if i won't, i am ok too. :)

    you too have a great weekend!

  5. Julia,

    I think a Birkin would be perfect for you! It's a classic and elegant bag. Just think of all the outfits you could wear with it!

    I'm hoping to get a Birkin within the next year or so... we'll see. I'm trying to save up for one but I keep finding other things I want! If I get one, that will pretty much take up my entire clothing budget for the year. It would be worth it though. I would gladly give up a year of clothes shopping for a Birkin!

    Take care, Julia!


  6. Hi Julia, I always thought you take a very good care of your skin and self in general. That indeed reflects is your always glowing complexion.

    In my case I try to take care of my skin, but I have the bad habit of drinking coffee. Which I know is a major contributor of my skin being so dry. And I need to drink more water. In regards to creams is being a trial and errro for me. So far, I've not being able to find the dream cream yet. I've tried LaMer which supposed to be excellent for dry skin but it didn't work for me.

    Aww...such adorable picture of you and your DS. I just also noticed the big ornament(ball) above your DS's head in the last pic, oh very cute pic!

    Have a nice weekend. Are you done with Christmas shopping?

    xx Claudia

  7. Happy Weekend Maria,

    i'd love to have a birkin bag. the situation is that my clothing budget would be largely sliced as well. i could not seem to stop buying new clothes often. it is one of my favorite things to do... i thought about what occasion i would use a birkin, it is like almost none. i am not going to carry a birkin bag just go to my son's activities or shopping. it is not only impractical, it also distances me from other ladies with kids, because none of my friends/mommy friends use a 10k plus birkin bag.

    i am waiting for you becoming a proud owner of a gorgeous birkin tote soon. :)

  8. Hehe, Claudia, thank you. i just asked DH this morning if he though my skin looked nice and glowing, he paused and had to turn around to look at my face to make sure! then he said oh yeah, because you are a very healthy person. - i dont know what to think!

    anyway, back to your skin. why not give Shiseido future xl cream a try? i think it may worth a try.

    i am done as far as xmas shopping. but i am still going and going with my own shopping. you have to check out DvF, Tory Burch, MBMJ...burbery sales from saks today. they also have a newly reduced, large selection for dress sale this weekend.

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  10. Sorry, I deleted the previous comment because I noticed a typo. Here is the corrected version:

    Those are very good points, Julia. You seem like a very practical person. If you don't think you would carry a Birkin very often, it would probably be better to put that money into your clothing allowance.

    None of my friends or family members shop at Hermes (or any other luxury brand for that matter) so I would stay under the radar if I had a Birkin. No one would even recognize it to be honest with you. Where I live everyone loves Coach.

    None of my friends or family members share my love of luxury brands. They would never understand why I pay so much for purses, shoes, clothes, etc. That is why I enjoy The Purse Forum and your blog, Julia. It's great to have some place where I can "talk" to people about fashion!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Julia!

    Take care,

  11. Hi Julia,

    I've tried shiseido line before, it was ok but not great for my skin. I used the white lucent and bio-performace though. This new line you mentioned migt be different perhaps I check that out . One product i really like from shiseido is the eudermie revitalizing essence.

    Let's shop until we drop!

    Hope you're enjoying this Sunday.

  12. I have eudermie revitalizing essence. it is great stuff.

    i am not seeing shopping in my agenda today. we are receiving a new bed for my son and we will arrange his room this afternoon.