Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What I got during Black Friday 2

My second batch of the Black Friday loot did not turn out so well. I am only keeping one item out of the 5.

the leather jacket was not what I expected to be. btw, it is from NM.
therefore, i am continue searching for a cognac/brown leather jacket.

3 tops from saks were not expensive, but the Twenty&Twelve top is made of the material that will pill after one wear or wash - i just know it. i dont think i have much trust left on this brand's quality after seeing this tee shirt; the floral khaki top is so not like something from a upscale department store.

the red dress from NM did not have a connection with me when i saw it in person. the color is off, and the quality is no good.

they say 'shit happens' - and it did today: Ds stepped on a mysterious poop while we were walking around a zoo-ish place from the museum he goes every Wed. I did not realized what it was until i got some on my beloved Donna Karan suede/shearling boots. so the result was I spent a lot of time cleaning his mess, and spot treated my boots with suede cleaner.

just how far my life style is from luxury things i love?!


  1. Oh Julia!! So sorry to hear about your loot and that mysterious poop!!! Yes, there are these days. Like me, I've been sick on and off since I came back from Manila in October....I think life will be brighter after these. No worries! Tomorrow will be a better day!

    So which 1 item did you keep finally? Any more coming? Hope your next loot will be much better.

    Oh, I just updated my blog too...featuring fur this time. :D Did you buy any fur (real or fake) this winter? I can see you rocking furs with your feminine elegance...:D


  2. hahaha.... you know, when you step on should go buy lotto..cause' maybe it is your lucky day!! haha..

    Oh, I like the cozy and that reminds me MINE minetonka fringe boots...I regret not taking her w/ me to LA!!!! (Isabel said it is too hot and it turns out VERY COLD when we were there.)

  3. Hi Mia,
    I kept the blue top at the end. the rest will be returned.

    more is coming, my 4 pairs of shoes, which i got on cybermonday... and a couple of necklace. a bag... i think that is all for me. Ds has a lot of stuff coming too.

    i will go over your blog today to check out your fur vest. yes, i am looking out for a fur vest too...

    back to you

  4. Hi R., i thought i heard about the same saying. i should have gotten some lotto yesterday. i may still do that later if i get to a store. this type of thing really doesnt happen often! how lucky my son caught it right on. huh!

    yes your minetonka boots, would be much better than your slippers you wore to the disney. have you worn them at all?

  5. hi Mia, forgot to answer your question: i kept the blue top at the end. will return the rest tomorrow - i dont keep the things i want to return around the house long...