Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hidden Deals

Check out this gorgeous Prada wallet that not showing as sale but the red one is!


I will post more of these hidden deals, stay tuned and connected to the blog.

add: there are several designer wallets are hidden on sale, including gucci, YSL, and BV... worth checking them out if you are looking for one.


on top of saks designer sales, Nordstrom is having their designer sales too. I saw a lot of Jimm choo, Marc Jacob shoes and bags up on their website for 40% - 60% off today. i got a pair of burberry booties 50% off 2 days ago. today i saw only size 5 left ( i should have posted the sale info earlier. did not think of doing so until this morning).

a lot of CL shoes are on sale on Barney New York website. it actually started 3 days ago. those lower priced shoes were almost gone by now.

good luck shopping!


  1. Hi! Julia,
    Thanks for posting this hidden deals:)about the prda wallet, I don't see the sale price? I see the price as $450, what is the sale price? is indeed a gorgeous prada wallet.

  2. it is the red one, price at $270. it showing on my computer screen as available right now. it disappeared for a few hours, but it is back on right now. as 8:06pm est.

    it never went on sale before...hurry.

  3. Thanks Julia. It still showing in my computer at $450. So don't know??