Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Yes We shopped on Black Friday, both online and in stores.

let's see what Julia got... a pair of cool boots, 2 dress, 3 tops, a leather jacket, a necklace, a bag. hm, not too bad. will take pictures after they get to my house one by one. sales are definitely not as crazy as last year. i was spinning by saks's crazy sales last year this time around... oh well, life goes on without crazy sales. actually i dont even remember what goodies i got from last years' crazy sale. how about you?

we went online and bought Ds toys and new clothes. Dh bought himself some new stuff in the Prudential Center building today, where we had our dinner at The Palm. Ironically, he paid all of his shopping at full price - he doesnt care about sales, he cares about what he needs at the moment. typical man.

my ODJ was black wool Tory Burch dress with two lovely patch pockets. I carried my red Chanel PST -it's such a pretty holiday color that lights up a dark color outfit instantly. I finally test drove these Fendi patent platform ankle boots - pretty comfortable for walking around the mall for almost three hours. my poor Wolford tights was not very lucky, it snagged a little when i took my boots off (a few times) to try new shoes.

Dh was glad that i forgot bring my camera with me to the mall and dinner. he took a quick picture for me and Ds after we got back.

Overall, it was a great Black Friday experience for us. - no super deals, but we all got something and we are happy with what we got.


  1. Woohoo on scoring some stuff on Black Friday! Kudos to you for braving the retail stores as I stayed home to avoid all the parking lot mess and crowds at the register. :P Bummer that your Wolford tights didn't hold up to the day cuz they look lovely. I love that pop of color with your scarf as well.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. hi Betsy,
    i am staying late again tonight and before i turn off computer i saw your message.:D

    i dont mind crowd, i hate parking part though. did you not shop during black friday? not even online shopping? i hope to see everybody's loots... it sounded Rachel decided to do some major damage. can't wait to see her scores.

    thank you for your comment, enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend, xoxo

  3. Hi Julia, belated Happy Thanksgiving! Too bad we don't celebrate Thanksgiving here....must be a special day. Sounds you and your family had fun shopping! Congrats on your haul! Can't wait to see your loot! Love your ODJ...esp. the sheer chiffon sleevs. Very sexy. The scarf looks great with your dress.

    Have a great week ahead!


  4. thank you for your greeting, Mia.
    yeah, i know you dont celebrate thanksgiving in HK. but you celebrate xmas, no?

    it is all about kids and shopping, and for some people, food/eating.

    we had a great time shopping. i did a big damage. this morning is our cybermonday shopping spree. i got 4 pairs more shoes. yike. let's see how they turn out.

    oh the sheer chiffon thing... it is a bodysuit by Akris. it is very usefull piece indeed. i am glad i decided to splurge on it last year.

    i will post my loot, stay tuned.

    you too, have a great week ahead.


  5. Hi Julia,

    Nice pics! lovely tory burch dress.

    wow! I can wait to see what you got on cybermonday shopping. Some many sales going on... it's hard to resist...I haven't bougth anything big yet. I went to the mall on Saturday but got overwhelmed with some many people. I just bought few basic things at Gap and some christmas gifts.

  6. Hi Julia,

    Wow, I can't wait to see photos of all your purchases! We did not do any Black Friday shopping, other than going to Garden Ridge Friday night for some Christmas ornaments.

    We did all of our Christmas shopping (except for the children) on Wednesday. I'm so glad to have that out of the way. Now to focus on the kids...

  7. Hi Julia!

    Wow!! More damages! 4 pair of shoes! Can't wait to see them! too...can't resist the sale.....ordering some from the US now. :P I think I just broke my ban...but no new bags for me...I really have more than enough bags. :P

    Yes, we do celebrate Xmas here in Hong Kong, but I always think that Xmas should be cold and I think HK can't compare to the sweet Xmas atmosphere from the western world. I esp. love white Xmas. So peaceful and romantic. That's why I enjoy Xmas in Switzerland when I still lived there coz it was snowing.

    Oh, so that chiffon was a body suit! Lovely! It's really a great buy!

    Enjoy the rest of the week! More damages! LOL!!


  8. Hi Maria,

    i am so excited to see my loot too.

    time to cut xmas tree, and put up all the decoration. we are going to do that next week since the tree doesnt stay fresh for more than 3 weeks.

    what did you get during the sale?

  9. Hello Mia,

    we all broke our bans this time. so i think we should stop making bans. i learned to make ban or promise when i know i can fulfill it. this shopping ban thing is totally not for me. hehe..

    you are right, white xmas is more like original. i love snowy night...sitting by fireplace.

    you are welcome to visit northeast in winter, i will pick you and your family up from airport, i promise. :)

  10. Claudia,

    thank you for praise on my TB dress, i got it last season but did not wear it until last week.

    i will send you sale links if you like. hopefully you will score a lot of good stuff at good price.

    holiday shopping is a lot of fun.

    i also shop gifts for others too...