Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dinner Out

A Rainy Saturday... we joined in holiday shopping crowd and everyone got some good out of it: daddy had his steak; mommy got some skin care products; little monkey went wild at playground for a while.

tada- this is my 'statement' necklace i was talking about the other day. it looks retro rather than trendy. but i love its delicate beauty.

this mini laptop is a gift from dh. i am using it right now. it's very light weight, very small. comparing to my new purple gloves, which are the smallest size6, it is that small.

my odj is a green sweater dress. since it is a rainy day, i opted for my other green shoes with the dress instead of my chanel green/black two tone, which are more compatible with the dress. gosh, my legs looked 'strong' in the pictures. maybe i should try Rachel's tips of slim legs.

**Attached a picture of green/black chanel shoes, and a mod pic of my green/navy Ports1961 sweater dress with the shoes.

(to see the details, pls click on the pictures. )


  1. You have fun hoisery like Rachel! I'm quite envious b/c my turnip calves will never look good with that type of pattern. :P Olive green is such a understated color and you look quite elegant in it. Hope you're enjoying your weekend!

  2. Morning Julia,
    Love this odj, is very elegant and sexy hoisery! I really like the laptop, at first I saw it was cover or made of leather, it gives that illusion in the pic. Very nice, great gift from DH.

    Now, the food looks yummy, is this at benihana?

  3. Hi Betsy,
    thanks. i do i do. a whole draw of fun hosiery. i am glad they are in this season. some of my hosiery i had for too long. when Wolford is on sale, i stock some up.

    green is hard color to wear, but there are certain shades of green that actually look very nice on all skin type. when you are tired of black, go for dark green. :)

    enjoy the rest of weekend.

  4. Dear Claudia, how is your weekend so far? i hope you have a better weather there.

    the stockings i was wearing tend to make legs look bigger in a certain angle. i did not realized muscles on my calf was 'that', they dont look that bad if you enlarge the picture. the shrunk version made things look worse.

    the black surface of this mini laptop has a glittery Lucite kinda look. it also comes in pink and blue. pretty cute indeed.

    we had dinner at PF.Chan's yesterday. the New York Stripe was cut to bite pieces - dh is very fond of the oriental way of making steak.

    enjoy the rest of your weekend

  5. My weekend is good, catching up with some reading, and just relaxing :)temperature here is dropping a little. I can start wearing some leggings now, yup.

    I don't think your legs look bigger,I think is just the angle and when you cross your legs the calves appear bigger. just look at your last pic with your chanel shoes, one word: perfection =)

    I love PF changs, no wonder i recognized a dish in the pic, shrimp with lobster sauce? one of my fave there. I don't eat red meat but that beef make my mouth water. hmm..i think i want to plan today's lunch there.

    you too!

  6. It was Shrimp with lobster sauce!! OMG, we like similar food.

    yeah...when cross legs, calf is squeezed to the front. regardless, i do have a noticeable calf due to regular exercises.

    dh and ds went for a double play dates... i am staying home to have some down time. but i start to miss ds already.

    and i have some chores to do...

  7. I love your tights..w/ the sling back. Very classic!!!

  8. Dinner looks delicious! I love your outfit! How is PF Changs? We are very close to one but we've never tried it. DH and I are going out for dinner this weekend... we may have to try it!

    Take care,

  9. thank you R. I took on your advice. you are the queen of fun tights!

  10. thank you Maria for liking my outfit for the dinner. PF Chan's is one of my favorites. but you have to order the right stuff. sometimes the quality of their dishes are not consistent. i think they dont use the same chef all the time or something...

    good luck trying it out this weekend with DH.