Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today's wearing: Plaid

I am not a big fan of Plaid. Dh has a lot of plaid shirts in his closet. I got a new one from Ralph Lauren this year since it is one of the trends, so now I have 3 Plaid shirts (all by RL) in total.

I also got this black down filled puff jacket (Ralph Lauren Blue label) for the winter, it feels warm almost instantly when i put it on. not mention it's sporty style made it super wearable/practical for a hands-on mommy like me.

*please click on pictures for scary close-up. :))


  1. wow, Julia: I don't know you like red so much..... You are ready for a safari adventurous trip!! :)

  2. Wow, you are really making a different fashion statement...somehow I would not picture you in a plaid shirt, but honestly Julia, you could put on anything, match accessories and wahlah, you look beautiful. I like the boots and I don't remember the bag, is it new? I have a similar one from Macy's that I bought on sale a few years ago, brown leather. Love looking at your blog, especially when there are pics with Byron in them. Lv. xx

  3. Hi, Julia!

    Lovely photos -- I love your new H belt! I think that is going to be my next H purchase. I recently bought a Double Tour bracelet. Hermes is addictive! Any plans for a Birkin soon??

    Take care,

  4. Hi R,
    yes i like red. but none of the three plaid shirts i posted are red. the new one is orange multi according RL website. they do have the same shirt with red multi, still avail on their website. but the orange multi sold out during their private sale.

    i am glad you think i looked like a safari adventurous ready in that outfit. - thank you for such a great comment on the outfit.

    i like your outfit to the mall with your girlfriends too, very mall appropriate. :)

  5. Chris,
    it is so very nice to have your lovely comment here.

    i dont think you've seen me in a plaid before. once in a blue moon, i wear a plaid shirt.

    as you can tell, i like playing dress-up. the time i could spend on painting/art craft, which is what you do with your time, i use on fashion instead. i am glad you think i can pull off any looks. - that's the most flattering compliment.

    oh the brown bag. i had it for 10 years at the least. it is a great bag indeed. it has Hermes quality, in my eyes. elegant looking, solid leather and craft.


  6. HI Maria,

    totally, you should get a H belt. I want to get another one later... actually i was going to get two but they didn't have my size in the other color combination i liked. so i ended up with one.

    i dont have a plan for birkin but you never know things may change...when the right occasion arise...