Tuesday, November 3, 2009

H belt

it's here! love it!!

3 new lip colors i got recently: nude, natural, true red.

Fendi ankle boots. they dont look like Givenchy wedge ankle boots with chains on the heels, but i am able to resist the temptation from getting Givenchy boots or any new 'it' boots this season...

the last picture is a pair of lace insert leggings.


  1. Congrats on your beautiful items! I really like the blue jean color but just don't know how to fit it into my wardrobe as well as the regular gold/black combo would. Now that you've got it, I can't wait to see how you play with it. :D

    I'm envious of you and R that you guys have legs that would look nice with ankle booties. Many of those Taiwanese beauty variety shows have said that if one has radish-shaped calves like mine then they should stay away from those. :( Anyway, so I stick to the long boots instead but I do like these ankle booties.

    Btw, to answer you previous question regarding my big loot lately. Well, I bought a Lanvin happy shoulder sac from Barneys NY's promotion recently. I took some photos and posted it on the Lanvin thread on tPF. Do check it out.

  2. Hi how are you?
    I love your H belt and your boots, very wise purchase!!

  3. Hi Julia,
    very nice H belt! Your nude lip color is similar to what I have. I don't wear it much though; I've been just sticking to lip gloss lately.

  4. HI Betsy,

    thank you!

    blue jeans is a beautiful color, it is not easy to integrated into a regular outfit. i think i will wear it with a white button down shirt tucked in a pair of bootcut jeans. then go from there... i thought about gold/black combo first but i decided to pass it for now. i hope i made a good decision.

    ankles boots are totally made for those with long legs. i just barely made the cut.
    fashion is prejudice! that's very true!!

    ohh, a Lanvin happy sac. i did hear about it form Rachel's blog. i am going to check it out.

  5. HI littlefish,

    long time no see! thank you for asking about me, i am doing as usual, a little bit this and that. time goes by fast.

    how about you? still working in your dad's firm as an auditor?

    thank you for ensuring me about my purchase. i sure hope i will get a lot of use of them.

    see you around!

  6. Peachbaby/E.F.

    thank you. since i got that nude lip color, i started to wear lip stick every day as it hardly shows on my face. but it does something to my overall make up... i am sure it works better on people like JLo. imo.

    i agree, lip gloss is a must-have. i am glad you told me about it. :)

  7. hi Betsy, in my reply to your comment, i meant to say' fashion is bias', instead of 'prejudice'.

    this morning, i read Karl lagerfeld made some 'daring' statement again: "No one wants to see curvy women, you've got fat mothers sitting in front of the television saying thin models are ugly. Fashion is about dreams and illusions."

    i dont know what to say...about that.

  8. Hi! Julia,
    The orange box make me :) :) Simply gorgeous H belt and wow so clever!! Love the ankles boots too. I would love to see how you wear your leggings. I'm into leggings too, I got a couple over the weekend at BCBG. Love to pair them with sweater-tunics. Love nude lipstick too. I think nude lips can look good on any one, but you need to choose the right shade of nude My fave is by NARS (Belle de Jour) + a tiny bit of bobbi brown lip gloss.

  9. Oh I forgot to mentioned that I noticed your jewerlry tree/necklace holder? on the third pic. what a great idea to keep your jewelry neat, organized, and easy to select =)

  10. Hi Betsy,

    I went to TPF tonight and looked for your Lanvin thread. - where did you put it? i did not find Lanvin subforum. at the same time, i went through some threads since i was over there... i have not been there for a while. pretty much the same, our old mommy thread seems still going on. but very quiet.

    it is just a quiet time or what? recession??

  11. good evening my dear Claudia..

    you said it - the orange box does have this magic touch. it is exciting,uplighting ...my head spins sometimes when i think about my shopping.

    anyway, thank you for your appraise towards to my purchase. oh, i just saw some cool leggings from BCBG. i may pop in tomorrow to check them out. saks have a first cut sale, BCBG leggings are included...

    you are right about nude lip color. i just read from somewhere, that beige is totally a no no. it makes a person look dead. i chose the ones with pink tone. adding some gloss always help. i need to remember to do that.

    yeah, my jewelry tree... it is a good idea, huh? it is bigger in real life, the picture was cropped, so you did not see the whole tree. it can hold a lot of stuff! i try not to put expensive stuff on it, because ds could get to it and make them disappear. lol.

    good night.

  12. Hey Julia -

    Lanvin doesn't have its own subforum so it's in the general handbags section. Here is the link:


    You are right fashion is biased, but I also subscribe to the saying... "there are no ugly women, just lazy ones." I know I can look better, but sometimes I do get lazy... esp with my eating habits.

    KL does have some really outrageous comments...

  13. Hi Betsy,

    I love that old chinese saying: there are no ugly women, just lazy ones. - it is very true!

    woman takes good care of herself is beautiful in my eyes.

    fashion is biased to me too. i love wearing jeans, but most of good jeans are 34' inseam. i wear 32' inseam. two inches shorter keep me out of a lot of nice jeans. i bought a sewing machine a couple of years ago just to hem the jeans. i prefer the original look of a pair of jeans though. also, a lot of jeans could not be hemmed...

    KL is not very tacky. he is a stuck-up 71 years old fashionista. what you gonna do. i do love his works. who is going to take over his empire later? i wonder...

  14. Here is a very nice comment from my mother in law, she posted it on my facebook instead of here -

    "Love looking at your good fashion choices and getting to see the wonderful pictures of you and Byron. Love the boots, especially the stitching and the way it goes down the back of the boot. You really should be in the fashion industry, you have a keen eye for what looks good together and what looks good especially on you! Lv. Mom"

  15. Julia,
    Quick comment -I just sent you an e-mail coupon for BCBG-30% off F&F event. In case you stop by the store.

  16. Thank you Claudia, i will check it out tonight. they have the promotion both online and in store starts on 11/5.

    have a great weekend!