Friday, November 6, 2009

Lace insert Leggings

my ODJ of yesterday:
nude lipstick (*have to click on the picture to see the close up)
Chanel pst bag
Magaschoni cashmere tunic
VS lace insert leggings
Dior booties


  1. Hi, pretty girl: You look extremely sexy and chic there. I like the it? whatever it is that looks very cute on you.
    The lace insert leggings are very nice especially w/ your tunic. :) I love it!!

    Oh, I almost forgot your Chanel pst is RED... just heard that they might increase the price of GST, Pst next year..well,.........!! :)

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Hi R.,
    thanks for dropping by. i felt pretty good about this outfit too. i loved my dinner date with my son, he was like a cutest gentleman for 20 minutes, then he started to act like a little monkey. :) but we did good yesterday. we got a lot of free stuff from store activities. and watched a little fashion show... i got him and dh some clothes.

    yes, i have a red pst. i rarely use it though. it is a great bag. quality is rock solid. i am not surprised they will increase the price because it is only... you know.

    you too have a great weekend with kids and hubby.

  3. oh i forgot to mention about 'BOW'. I dont think i wore a bow somewhere yesterday. if you meant the thing on my head/hair, it is not a bow, it is one of my indoor plants. it is very tall. i was standing in front of it, so it stick out... i dont wear hair accessories.. at all.

  4. Rachel, i cleared the "bow" on my hair in the picture and posted a close-up. it looked a little 'dirty' - i did a lousy job. :)
    i think i am going to move the plant next time when i take pictures. i am always in rush to get out of the house.

  5. wow! Julia, love this outfit a lot. oh lala you look fabulous in leggings. Beautifully put together! Very chic!

  6. haha... Now I see. But hey, maybe you can start trying a hair band, you look like *Blair* in GG now. haha.. CUTE!!

  7. yeah right, R. i wish i were like Blair. haha.. i just watched my recorded episode GG yesterday. wow, fashion is fabulous in that show. i love it just because of its wardrobe!

  8. HI Claudia,

    how is your weekend so far? i hope you are enjoying it the way you wanted/planed. :)

    i am glad you like this outfit, and called it 'chic'. black is always a no brainer...playing up colors are much more challenging.

    i did check but i did not get anything. however, this weekend, i got myself a statement necklace. will post pictures later.

    i also spent too much time looking for one of my belts. it lose in my house somehow. i was obsessed about it. not good...

  9. oh by the way R., i love your outfit with fur vest. it looks interesting and well put together. i was inspired to use one skirt my mom got me as a tube top too. but i think it will be more like a tube short dress at the end because it is quite long...i hope i will put together an outfit around it and take pictures..

  10. Hi Julia! I love your outfit! So cool and chic! It's different from your classic and elegant look, but it looks very good on you nonetheless. Great job! I love your lace leggings. Haha..too bad I don't have the legs to do leggings/tights, what more if lace? Envy you.

    BTW, congrats on your new H belt! Have you used it yet? I haven't used my 2 H belts from Paris yet. I have to think of some ensembles for them. Hehehehe. Good that they are classic stuff so they won't go out of style.

    OK...need to take shower now. Today is my first parents teacher meeting at my son's school. Don't know what teachers will say about Mason...hope sth. good! LOL!

    Take care!


  11. Hi Mia,

    good to have you back again.

    I hope everything will be very smooth from now on for you, since you already used all of your bad luck quotas this year. hehe..

    thank you for your comment about my new outfit.

    i have not worn my H belt yet. actually i have been wearing my sneakers and casual/sporty clothes lately because the weather is nice, and we are spending a lot of time outdoor.

    about your lost tooth... i read your reply, and yes, it is as expensive as a chanel flap, that is not including the crown. we get 50% covered by our dental insurance with crown, that is it. the rest will be paid by patient. it is a luxury thing indeed. but it is a great thing for your teeth. it feels like your own tooth completely. you would never have to worry about it again. but if you choose not to do the implant surgery, you need a bridge or avoid other teeth around the missing one merging to that hole as time goes.

    love your new shoes loot!! very very drool worthy...

    see ya