Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Children's Museum

Children's Museum is one of the busiest places in town - due to many of us devoted parents...

Ds watched a short episode of ballet for the first time there. He was a decent audience for the ballet, but he was more interested in talking to the boy sitting next to him.

He also climbed that cool waved/layered thing for the first time, he was super proud of himself. he used to be afraid of those stuff not long ago.

my ODJ is one of my uniforms. from the mod pic, i came to the conclusion that designer jeans worth the extra!! the bootcut slightly ripped jeans in the picture was not a designer jeans, it did not look good on me - it was the first time i wore it and i am done with bad jeans. you get what you pay for - it is very true with jeans.

i did not use the LV bag in the mod pic (i think it is a good color for summer, maybe; or orange bag is just not such a good idea). it did not go with the outfit...the hair style, my mother was right - i look better with hair up. she prefers clean, simple look.


  1. Hi! Julia,
    I agree with you about the jeans. I absolutely love the fit and unique design of most designer jeans. I'm a huge fan of jeans. I think the jeans on the pic look great on you though. I love this casual look on you.

    Awww..your son seem super concentrated, how cute :)

    btw, did you cut your hair? It looks different in this pic but lovely =) xoxo

  2. C, a lot of celebrities like J brand. i suppose it is great stuff. i have 3 pairs so far... i am turning into a jeans girl too. as a stay home mom, i can certainly wear it any time i want.

    thank you for your support to my outfit. i wear this style once a week at the least. jeans with t, sometimes add a jacket or cardigan...

    my son plays hard. he is very focus at what he is playing - i love watching him play. it feels like a tickle in my heart.

    i did have a hair cut a month ago, it is shoulder length now. i just dont have much time to style it (or being lazy:)

    have a great weekend