Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Mini Vacation

It was a two day trip to a water park resort. We stayed in a hotel room for one day, and made two trips to the park that connected to the hotel. Since the trip was on our anniversary, we went to a very nice restaurant to celebrate after playing at the water park. Dh had his tender duck with truffle plus other side dishes. i had Ahi Tuna steak with truffle plus other side dishes.

for this short trip to a kid's place, i packed below two outfits. i wore these clothes last winter too. oh except for the scarf (the one in the picture is Etro), i brought my new Alexander McQueen chiffon scull with wings scarf with me.

it will be my last chiffon scarf though - it snags too easily! i have 3 snags on this new scarf already, and one of the snags was found when it first arrived in my house... they are not very noticeable, actually i probably will be the only person ever know there are snags on this scarf. but it does bother me in a minor degree.


  1. Hi Rachel,

    i tried to post this comment on your blog, but it would not publish for some reason. so here it is for you -

    "after xmas sale is hit or miss. i thought i scored some good deals, but it turned out i had to return the half of the things i got.

    i like your cropped jacket with wool shorts outfit a lot.

    happy new year! "

  2. ho ho, my fav. bag... it is such a timeless rock-n'-roll bag and I love the forever chic look !! :)

    hah.. don't worry, I change the setting cause' I don't like some nuts leave some nasty comments and being unkind!! :P Your comments is there.

    Oh, I like your left ensemble's scarf and love the simple, unfussy look of it. yellow is such a great highlight on that tartan/checked coat.
    Are you going to do the count down tonight???

  3. Hi Julia, Happy New Year!! Best wishes for you and your family. The water park resort sounds a lot FUN :) where is this located?

    You are looking great on those two pics below. Look like you braid you hair in the second pic? Look very lovely and sweet. Love it.

  4. HI Rachel,

    sorry i did not get back to you earlier. actually i did not have a busy and fabulous holiday. it was the kind my husband wanted, a relaxing and quiet one. plus it was snowing non stop...

    no wonder i could not see my comment for your post right away. it was in wait bucket for you to filter. i totally understand the reason. i dont have to do that...yet. it is a plus side not to promote my blog. i think my readers are either family or friends online/offline.

    i fell in sleep on New Year Eve! second day, i watched Rose Parade.

  5. Hi Claudia,

    Happy New Year to you too!

    thank you for your kind wishes to me and my family.

    the water resort is called Coco Key. It has several location throughout the country. if you google it, you maybe find a spot near you. :) it is a fun place for kids.

    on the second picture, I used some wave iron tool on my hair, it gave the look some energy and youthfulness. :)

    i should do it often. thank you for letting me know. xoxo-julia