Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Some new Buys

I thought I had enough clothes but I still end up taking more time getting dressed in the morning than I should. hmm... a woman always need that one more piece of clothes in her closet. (and it also apply to bags and shoes. huh)

I returned the purple Gucci sandals because they didn't flatter my feet. they are wide around the ankle/heels but narrow on the front- my feet are opposite, my feet are wider on the front and small around ankle/heel.

* i got a Rebecca Minkoff messenger bag. she is in color Ruby - very pretty color. i took pictures with flash and without to capture its beautiful jewelry color.


  1. Happy New Year, Julia! Great loot here, but my favorite are RM bag and the Gryson boots. :D Too bad about the Gucci sandals cuz they look very pretty from your pic.

  2. Happy New Year to you Betsy!

    thanks thanks. i am very happy with my RM bag and Gryson booties too. the gucci sneakers were bought in a good price so i dont have much to complain. i wear sneakers a lot too. same thing with juicy sandals... good price won over.

    those gucci sandals were very pretty. but i think they are not easy to wear with outfits. the heels are pretty high too, no arch support at all. i think i am getting too old to wear shoes like these now. lol.

    May your new year is better than last year (if that's possible:)!

  3. ha, Julia: you really are a Gucci fan. I barely buy any their stuff these days....I guess I am lazy to check out their stuff after sale. :P

    I like the purple heels very much and that style is just so sexy.... Manolo B. had one like that and Cathy wore them on our trip to Vegas. I think Yu also has one from either Rossi or....(forgot). :) Other heels/shoes are very classic too.
    I like the red bag's color but not so much w/ its "stripes". :)

    Anyhow, happy new year!!!

  4. Hi R.,
    yeah, i get a couple of things from gucci on sale once in a while. not a fan yet... i would rather be a chanel fan. hehe..

    i got a pair of Givenchy booties with chain on the wedge details. i think you have the same pair?

    i think it will look good peeking from a pair of bootcut jeans since they are pointy toe booties.