Friday, January 29, 2010

Cold Winter Days

We are having the coldest week of the NewEngland winter. It is unbearable to me. I decided not to go to my yoga class tonight.

This week has been very quiet. We stayed home for most of the time. DS is having his longest cold in his life. his little nose constantly producing mucus. but his spirit is up... it is going away, i am thinking to myself.

not a big shopping week either. The black wool/cashmere Burberry coat was actually from last year, i never post a mod pic for it. but the long birds necklace and oxford flat booties are kinda new. The beige DvF boyfriend wool jacket is from this season, but i have not got around wearing it since i got it.

2 LBDs on the hangers: the first one, zipper shoulder, by JC; the second one, cutout details on the shoulders, by black halo...hardly see from pictures. i am waiting for weather to be warmer to wear them.


  1. I love your Burberry coat, Julia! I have wanted one for years. I thought I wanted the standard light tan color but after seeing yours, I think I might consider black.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Julia!

    Take care,

  2. Happy Weekend Maria! good to see you this morning.

    i think burberry coat and trench coat are wardrobe must have. i like their elegant, original, high quality material and tailoring. you can get them during FF sales with 25% off (that was when i got mine)... sometimes they go on bigger sales but not those classic and popular styles. smaller sizes are always sold out before hit the final sale, of course there are always returns.

    black wool/cashmere coat is more versatile in the winter. but i like tan/trend color for a trench coat.

    have a great weekend

  3. Would love to see better pictures of the LBDs! :)

  4. Welcome to my blog DesignerCatalog!

    I will post mod pic for the two LBDs later for sure. stay tuned.

    thank you for visiting. hope to see you often!