Monday, January 18, 2010

Hunting for Good Deals from NM's Last Call

...and this is my 'hunter' outfit. racks of clothes are like jungle. it is a lot of work - i prefer internet shopping!

as a result, i did score one thing... it turned out i got a jacket from the same brand i was wearing ...! I have to wait till Thursday to bring it home though.
no chanel jacket, no shoes and bags were good to get... it is hard to get a good deal from NM.


  1. I go "hunting" at Last Call sometimes as well, w/o the kids of course. Just the other day, I scored a Carolina dress (for summer) for like 80% off original price or something. You just have to look and have lots of patience.

    Btw, I"m a fan of pink and grey combos too. :)

  2. Gorgeous outfit, Julia! I absolutely love the jacket! Can you tell me who the designer is? I live very close to a Last Call; I might see if I can track it down. The bag is beautiful too. Is it Coach?

    How wonderful that your DH is supportive of your shopping hobby. Mine is too, thankfully. Sometimes he wonders why I *need* another purse, pair of shoes, dress, etc., but he never complains about my shopping. His hobbies are much more expensive!

    If you're ever going to be in Atlanta, let me know. We can plan a day of shopping!

    Take care,

  3. HI Betsy,

    you scored a Carolina dress for 80% off - that is a steal!

    i took DS yesterday with me to the NM last call. he was very impatient. which was one of reasons i did not score big. :( i was still scared of his falling over from the beetle car rented in the mall yesterday. luckily, he had a soft landing. he was fine but was scared by my reaction. haha..

  4. Good eye Maria, that's a pink Coach messenger bag. i like it a lot. i got it 7 years ago. i think leather from coach got thinner these days.

    we dont have a last call center here. the NM store we have here is having their last call sale. in 3 days, everything that unsold will be sent to their last call center for much better discount. right now, the deepest discount is 65%.

    my husband doesnt have expensive hobby. i buy all of his clothes. he buys himself gadgets frequently. every a few years, he looks for a new car to get... he likes fine dinning... hmm, i think that is all. a very simple, sweet, inexpensive person. hehe.. overall, i spend more than he does.

  5. Hi Maria, i forgot to mention about the jacket i got from NM. it was a St. John, so is the grey cardigan i was wearing. the grey cardi was bought from Saks a month and half ago. I saw NM had the same piece on their website a while ago, for about $200, down from 495. it was sold by now.

    but the black one i got yesterday, you may find it in NM store. i dont have a picture to show you now since i won't take it home till Thursday.

    you should definitely check out their St John and Etro rack, there are some decent stuff at decent price left.