Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some New Shoes

...Plus two close-up pictures for purple SF clutch.


  1. wow! Julia, great buys!! The SF clutch is gorgeous and the givenchy wedge booties are simply stunning. may I borrow them? ;)LOL

  2. thanks so much Claudia. i am glad you like them and want to borrow them. it made me feel better for my wallet. :-D

  3. The SF clutch is gorgeous! Such a lovely shade of purple. :p

  4. Did I see something familiar? hah..

    Oh, I want to get a clutch but can't seem to make my mind..... now writing to you remind myself that I should take my Chanel DS clutch out for a fresh air too. :)

    Oh, I like your Portman inspired outfit and maybe I can do something like that look too. You always look very sophisticated. :)

  5. Hi Julia! Long time no talk! How are you? Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just came back from Burma and still recovering from my diarrhea. Anyway, love your new loot! Congrats! I esp. love the short boots in your 3rd picture at the very right. May I know what brand that is? Looks so comfy and I like that the shaft is loose! :D

    Anyway, so we're twins on the Givenchy wedge booties! This is really comfortable and I'm so happy that you got it too! I think I know at least 4 people who has this pair including Rachel. Hehehehehe!

    Have a nice week! Take care and chat soon!