Sunday, January 10, 2010

An Inspiring Outfit from Portman

I saw this picture of Natalie Portman in navy double breast cropped coat on 3 different magazines. It must be a hit.

Since i was only going to a kid's party today, I opted double breast sweater jacket and a long MBMC graphic tee for more of a casual vibe.

*click pictures to enlarge.


  1. Hi, Julia!

    I see I've missed a lot! You have a lot of great new items! Your dinner date sounds like fun and the food looks delicious. You son is just adorable!

    I hope you are having a wonderful New Year!!

    Take care,

  2. Hi Julia! Love your outfit! Your top and scarf looks so much fun! I think you need some Hermes scarves in your wardrobe. I can totally see you rock them. :D

    I like Portman's outfit too! Very simple but elegantly chic, like how you did your version. I will try something like that as I have the cape, the blouse, the scarf and the flared pants. Thanks for the inspiration. :D

    So any wishlist for spring? Any travelling plans?

    I'm going to Singapore to meet with another tPFer from Brunei. Wai might be joining me too in Singapore. I think I will be travelling a lot this year. April our family will be going to Nanjing to visit my DH's relatives there and spend Easter holiday there (and my birthday too)!

    Anyway, talk soon! Looking forward to your next post. I have so many pictures here and don't know how to start blogging about them! Hahahahahha! Take care!


  3. Happy New Year Maria!

    Where have you been? did you go somewhere during holiday?

    thank you always for your sweet words.

    i did get some new stuff but not as many as last year, much less actually...

    i am going to look forward and see what spring/summer fashion is like. i read about some trend alerts, i will post here later.

  4. Thank you Mia!

    I am glad that you can get some ideas from my outfits/looks, some of which were inspired from celebs.

    i have hermes scarfs. i dont wear them much... the one in the picture is gucci. only wore it twice. i need to wear my stuff more often to make them worth a while. really.

    i have not made a wishlist for spring/summer yet. i have been looking though.

    yes i have a travel plan, 8 hours driving to my brother in law's State for his wedding.

    you are meeting with TPFers! Ok, when will you visit USA?

    btw, my b day is in April too! hehe...

    please post your pictures, i want to see. and your newest score.

  5. Hi! Julia,

    What a great outfit! I love your version more than Portman's. I like your subtle flare jeans more than Natalie, and the bag, shoes, scarf...perfection.

    Have a good MLK weekend.

  6. Thank you Claudia for your support. the shoes has brown tone that talks to the brown tone in the scarf. right, my jeans are small flare on the bottom. i have a pair with bigger flare i rarely wear them any more.

    you too have a great weekend.

    btw, what MLK stand for?

  7. This Monday US holiday - Martin Luther King Day. Yeah no work for me :)

  8. oh that's right. good for you!

    DH has to go to work. bummer.