Friday, January 15, 2010

Two Dresses

If you are looking for a pair of CL platform peep toe with not very high heels, check out this pair from Berdorfgoodman:;jsessionid=35BU21OQE5O34CQAAKMRPVQ?itemId=prod42570075&ecid=BGALRJ84DHJLQkR4&ci_src=14110925&ci_sku=X0BZR
they are usually $8xx, now for $428, no tax except for NY. use code NEW2BG for free shipping. almost all sizes are avail.

now back to my odj: First dress is Etro and second dress is Tory Burch.


  1. Hi Julia! Did you buy this pair of CL "Cathay" slingbacks from BG? It's very beautiful...esp with the wooden heels/platform. Nice nice! I actually wanted to buy this style before, but then I have similar styles from CL with higher heels, so didn't take the plunge. US$400+ is a good price to buy...think about it. :D to your dresses. I love both on you...I've told you this before already, I think you really know how to choose good-looking prints! Bravo! And you know what? People always say that when Asias/yellow skin people wear yellow color, the color of the skin will look more yellowish and isn't really flattering. But you just prove these people wrong. You look absolutely great with yellow. I love yellow a lot too and I do incorporate a little bit of yellow in my outfit every now and then. Is that a separate floral blouse you're wearing inside the yellow Tory Burch sleeveless dress? Or is the floral sleeves part of the yellow dress? I love the combination very much!

    Have a nice weekend!


  2. Happy Weekend Mia!

    Yes. I did. i got a pair, the brown/cuir, it is more like camel/cognac color. i would get a pair of black too but they dont have in my size. i think these are true to size. these are not high, especially with platform.

    you are right about the yellow color. it is not easy to wear at all. it requires a lot from a person's skin tone. my mother in law is white, but she said she always avoided to wear that color because of her skin tone and hair color. So a lot of white women dont think they can pull off color like this.

    i got quite a few comments on this yellow TB dress in the mall two days ago. they told me it was their favorite color, and i looked good in it. i saw some women's eyes fixed on my dress. you know most people in our area dont wear color. you see black and grey... mostly.

    the silk/cotton top inside the dress is also Tory Burch. it is a beige background with brown bug/plants pattern. Now i remember Wai asked me where i got the dress... i got these from last year after i saw Blair's mom in Gossip Girl wearing it. It made her looked young and energetic.

    I am looking forward to see your pictures taken from your trip to Burma.

    have a great weekend with family

  3. Oh my, you look so very elegant in both outfits Julia. The yellow-mustard colored TB dress is absolutely stunning. I love this color a lot and look great on you.

  4. thanks Claudia. you like that yellow dress too? hehe... i am so glad.

  5. Oh Hi Mia,

    I just saw your other comment. yes, i know Rachel has that Givenchy booties. and you have them we are in the same boat on this one. haha... i like these booties a lot. perfect heels, very comfortable.

    who are the other two person you know have the same booties?

    it's like what Rachel said, a group of girls hang out for a while and start to dress alike and like same stuff. - influence each other in many ways. how sweet. :)

    the short boots with bows on the side are Rosegold. it is not exactly a designer brand, i got them from saks. but they are very well made, all leather. i suggest you order half size up for more comfort.

  6. OMG Julia!!! Rosegold! You know what? I just bought a pair of Rosegold short boots from Bluefly and will post the pix soon!! What a coincidence! The Rosegold boots I got are gray color with'll see in my blog soon. I know Rosegold makes good boots! I love their style. :D I love your Rosegold boots very much too! Hope you can model them for me some day...would love to see them on you.

    Haha..I agree....we are influenced by each other!! The other 2 persons I know who owns this pair of Givenchy chain booties are: another fellow tPFer & blogger from France named Eugenia, and one of my local HK friends who bought it from Joyce boutique here....hehe! It's really a hot bootie! Really comfy I must say!!

    Those CL Cathay peeptoe slingbacks in cognac color are indeed very beautiful. I'm so happy that you got them! You see, sometimes when I can't have it, I'm happy to see my friends buy the things I want...hehehehe! It's like I shopped too!

    You know, you look great in should wear colors more. :D Your TB dress is exquisite and you chose the right color! So refreshing! You're ready for Spring! :D's almost 2am here...I just finished updating my blog. Not yet the pictures of Burma, but 6 ensembles I wore during the holidays which I haven't posted yet....haha!

    I'm still organizing the pix from Burma..and I have yet to post my Xmas loot....stay tuned. Hope to post everything before I leave for Singapore in Feb.

    Happy weekend again!


  7. Gorgeous dresses, Julia! You look beautiful as always!

    I haven't been on lately because my home computer wasn't working. We finally got a new one, thank goodness!

    I've been doing some bargain shopping lately... the other day I bought 2 Faconnable shirts; one basic button-down cotton, the other a cashmere sweater. Both were under $20 each! Today I checked out a local high-end consignment boutique. I found some amazing deals: A Lafayette 148 suit (jacket and pants) for $37 and a Chanel evening bag for well under $500! I will definitely be going back to that store!

    Take care, Julia -- enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  8. I love the yellow dress (tory) on you. Especially w/ my fav. bag ... they are such a head-turner pieces!!

    Oh, the ziyi....well, why do you like her so much?? :) Just curious!! know, for me, she seems only claim that she loves family life but I never heard any progress she made to pursue one in reality!! :P

  9. Hi Mia,

    that was a coincident...because i think rosegold is a new brand too. i have to get some comfortable shoes/boots for a lot of DS' activities.

    I know Joyce Boutique. so they have that booties too. wow. HK is a shopping heaven indeed.

    yeah, i want to wear more colors. it lights up a mood. it is a little tricky to wear colors like red, yellow and green, and wear them fashionable.

    i am going over to check your blog now..

  10. HI Maria,

    i am glad you got a new computer, what are we going to do without a computer and internet...

    you know i am trying very hard to do better shopping but never be able to beat you. i just can't believe all the deals you got!!

    i went to a consignment store once, but did not get anything... you found a chanel evening bag for under $500! man o man.

  11. Thank you Rachel. i remember you like the MBMJ bag. we like same colors, purple and yellow. :) now you know why we are buddies.

    i dont like ziyi zhang that much. but she is only pretty chinese face in hollywood. as a chinese woman, i feel proud for her being able to get over there.

    but you know what, you are right about she just claimed she wanted a family to make people accept her.

    I watched an interview yesterday about a new movie of hers. she said she did not want to give up what she built up over the 10 years of her career and get out of that business and make family, to be a just mother - hm, like us!

    the host mentioned a lot of hollywood actress had babies, bounced right back and still be able to be a actress. ziyi zhang said it would not be same and she wanted to focus on herself and her work.

    i read another fact about her: she wanted to do big energy business to make big bucks so she goes around to make friends with rich business guys. I now understand her goal is not her movie career, movie is just a tool. her goal is to make big bucks in however quicker and easier way.

  12. Hi, Julia!

    I normally do not find such amazing deals. Saturday was my lucky day! I am a big bargain shopper mainly out of necessity. I love designer/high end fashions, but I do not have a large clothing budget. I scour outlet stores, thrift stores, consignment shops, and the clearance racks of regular stores. If my clothing budget was larger, I definitely wouldn't be as concerned with finding a bargain!

    Have a wonderful week, Julia!

    Take care,

  13. Thank you Maria.

    I understand what you saying... i do too, have a budget which limits my passion for fashion. i just said it to my husband the other night, fashion is biased, it likes rich people and slim tall people... sadly i am into fashion and it gives me a lot of fun and satisfaction.

  14. hohoho.. I guess ziyi is just one of the girls who lost the most important value.... I don't know what it is ..but it sounds she needs LOTS OF love, the true love from her family which I think missing in her life. :P

  15. yeah, Rachel... all sort of problems about a person can go back to how he/she being brought up!

    so you are right again.

    if she had chosen to marry and have a family, she can still be a good actress at the same time. now with all that ugly stuff coming out, i dont know how she will be able to do those important things again.