Friday, January 8, 2010

His Little World

Today we went to the mall to meet with a friend and her daughter and MIL. We had a great time playing together. I shopped a few things for DS and DH at good sales.

We finally put together DS's new bed before xmas. I got around taking some pictures today.

He got a twin size espresso color wood bed with trundle. the rest of his furniture are the same color. His bedding theme is popular kids movie, Cars. I picked a Tommy Hilfiger comforter because it is pretty and warm. I laughed so hard that i was out of breath when i saw DS sleeping like that - he is too cute - what else could i ask for?

On his walls: the first painting was my own work; the second and third was my mother in law's work.

the outfit was what i wore to the mall today (the RL blue label shirt is longer than the TB wool jacket), it was finished off with a black leggings and low heel tall black boots. I took my Chanel PTT out today.


  1. Ha, your son's hand gesture is so cute.... looks like he was meditating something before he falls asleep. haha...
    Too bad you didn't have a look shoot of your ODJ.
    Btw, is there something on CNS store that your son might like?

  2. thank you Rachel. DS is full of personalities. I am going to grow a lot of wrinkles around my eyes because he keeps me laughing all the time.

    yeah, i know i know. how could i not take one picture of that look! because i know i won't wear the same outfit for a while...

    my friend is a piano teacher, she had an appointment that day. so we were kind of rushy. i did not ask her to take pictures for me since she was busy to check some stores in a tight schedule. after she left, DS and I had some slow time. and DS made a friend whose dad was extremely nice... they played very well. it made my trip worth well.

  3. HI R., I forgot about the giveaway... I dont see anything DS might need in CNS. he got too many things. i am gonna pass this opportunity. hopefully someone we know get the prize. :)