Thursday, January 14, 2010

Classic Flap

Today, i read about Ziyi Zhang's newest story. She has been in gossip column since day one. but this time is shocking. So, her wish to be a family woman and have three kids one dog was totally not happening any time soon since her Viviv was out of the picture.
oppositely, she is involved with a married man according to her ex-girlfriend! I thought of someone from TPF words: who is your Hermes daddy?! - Ziyi's rumored Hermes-daddy had generously tendered 3 most precious Birkins to his movie star lover, one of them is croc with diamond birkin.

man O man.


  1. Hi Mia,

    * i do remember what you wrote,
    my reply to your questions:

    To me, it did not seem like a completely made-up thing.

    ziyi zhang is a very ambitious woman from what i read. but i dont agree with the way she tries too hard to dig as much money as she could. how much money can make a woman happy? plus, you have to seek money in a decent way. i thought she makes plenty money from her movies and ads?

    i dont want a 'daddy' to buy me hermes. i am ok without birkin. i am living in an environment and lifestyle that a birkin doesn't even mean anything.

    ok, i will post some mod pic for my h scarfs soon. actually, one of my post here is showing a scarf from H. title is "wearing your armani jacket with shorts'

    yes, the black lambskin medium size with gold hw. as soon as i put it on my shoulder, i decided that it was mine. it is a perfect bag for me.

    you are right about my fendi ankle boots. a pair of booties are better fit, since i am not 5'8 tall! hehe..

    i would love to meet you and other TPFers here on east coast. please let me know when you come.


  2. Sorry Mia that your comment gone. it was my fault. i tried to cancel my comment and make some changes...and push the trash can button on yours. i got to remember that my trash can is at the end of my comment. :)

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