Friday, June 10, 2011

B's Friday

B went to his first strawberry picking.   after we arrived at strawberry field, he realized it was not as fun as it sounded.  So it ended up mommy did all the labor work under the hot sun.

his favorite part was to play with two boys at farm and playground.

after lunch, he spent the rest of day at the pool.  He must have been a fish from his previous life - he loves staying in the water.


  1. Haha ... The part where you wrote mommy had to do the labour was funny :)
    I would love a strawberry picking experience one day :p

  2. i got too much sun that day... my lower back was red, because i bent over and exposed some of my skin on the back... not as lovely as it might sound. think farmers picking fruit/vegetable with heat and sun...hehe