Friday, May 13, 2011

A New Bag + Umbrella from SH

the color of this City Cross bag caught my fancy.  But is this true-to-color? I saw it on Ipad2 and it appears to be more blue/indigo. My other concern is, can Balenciaga delivery the goods without a drama like last time?  if you still remember, I ordered a gorgeous color last summer, 2 days later, they sent me email and told me the order was canceled! Therefore, i have a good reason to doubt their ability to fulfil an purchase order!!

I am umbrella addict. When my husband first visited my place in China, he was shocked by how many umbrellas I had.  Living in the States has cured a lot of that die-hard habit; but as soon as I went back...


  1. LOL. you have a strange addiction!

  2. hehe, yes i know... could not resit pretty umbrellas. early on i bought a few from saks. leopard print, MMJ girl...

  3. very beautiful bag! Also those umbrellas are very cool!!


    have a nice weekend :D

  4. Thanks SBT,
    the pictures of the bag in real life is under this post. for some reason, this post jumped up. something wrong with blogspot these days...

    you too have a nice weekend!


  5. Oh those umbrellas are so pretty. Can you find them here in the USA?

  6. i am nore sure, Clau... i have not seen them here.

    i found them in a little store on the Nanjin Road in Shanghai, call 绝代佳人.

  7. Julia, I just recalled. If you happen to go to Singapore. Check out this store Fie Japan. They sell accessories and pretty umbrellas from Japan(for rain or just to block off the sun). I think you might like it! ;p