Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More Pictures from the Trip

Even two of the anti-shopping person enjoyed some shopping from this trip.  Hubby went in this little store called 'Funny Tee' on the famous Nanjin Road.  aww, they looked lovely in their new tees.

Umbrella is widely used by Shanghai girls in sunny days.  I bought a couple of those gorgeous lady-like sun protection when i was there. My skin was doing really well in SH. As soon as i got back, i started to have dry skin flakes on my face, and i have to use lotion all over my body too.

...really enjoyed our trip over there. looking through these pictures makes me feel a little sad.

at Oriental Pearl Towel

ate at Bi Feng Tang boat booth

... more eat: individual hot pot at Dolar Shop

i was wearing a bib, and a Chanel necklace, haha...
( click picture to see close up).

our first day in SH.  
that blue-purple Burberry cashmere scarf in the picture was lost later... very upsetting because i loved it a lot.  

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