Friday, May 13, 2011

Received a Package

I was pleasantly surprised by the early arrival of the B bag. the bag box was fit into a perfect size of packing box, which is a smart move. it reduces the movement during transportation.

bag was placed flat, the leather was just ok, but the size and look of the bag is not bad. the color is darker in real life, which is what i hoped for.  i think this is my first purple bag... wait, i do have two clutches are purple.

overall, i am fine with the purchase. i am not super thrilled because i can always find some little details that should be made better...

we have two of these trees around our house. this is their prettiest moment of the year...


  1. You're a perfectionist, aren't you? *wink*

  2. i think i might be... hard on myself mostly.

  3. Julia, congrats on your Balenciaga! Great color!

    The last picture looks so peaceful and calm, thanks for sharing.