Thursday, May 26, 2011

Went to Chanel Bloomingdales Store

I forgot bringing my cell phone and camera with me today - frustating!
i did not have my friend's number with me - thank God i figured out something. she is in the system of NM store. so I went over there and found my SA and she got my friend's number out of the system. Then i used her cell phone call my friend to tell her where to meet.

while we were having lunch, i mentioned Bloomie was having 20% off today (open a bloomie card).  she could not sit tight any longer and we rushed to bloomie...

at the end, she came back with an ivory GST and a pair of cool new Chanel sunglasses. I have to add pictures of her in her new bag next time when i see her. hopefully this weekend.


  1. Julia, new haircut? Or nicely blown hair? It just look so different from the usual But it's nice ;p

  2. hi Chic,
    i had it cut short 2 days ago... my hair is very heavy and thick, so for the summer time, i want to cut them off. :)

    have a great memorial weekend!
    xxx- J