Saturday, April 30, 2011

3 Weeks in Shanghai, China

there was no blogspot, no facebook, no google...
(more pictures to come)

favorite thing: eat

sightseeing every day

a fashion moment in shanghai hotel we lived -  grey cashmere sweater dress my mom picked for me in a big shanghai dept store, New World Mall.

(*we stayed at a two bedroom suite at prime location. it came with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a dinning room, a living room, and two bathrooms. )

The Sea World is impressive in Shanghai.  my make up that day was done well, many good pictures from that day...

Lu Jia Zui became a new center of Shanghai.

Starbucks flourished in Shanghai, there are several at every main buildings.

Century Park is a good place to chill out during the weekend. B's favorite was those cool bikes. they offer one row and two row. Two-row fits my whole family. the main paddler was hubby of course. haha..

ahhh... what a nice day we had! i felt very content at the end of it.

...hazel sunset as usual.



  1. I love Shanghai - can't wait to see more pics. Eating there is one of my favorite activities as well! You look great in the bottom pic... like you just had someone do your make-up to prep you for a photo session! Cheers!

  2. Hi Sherry,

    thanks bunch! i am slowly posting more pictures... we took over 1000 pictures between my camera and my mom's camera.

    eating is so great there. i miss it terribly already.

    i do my make up every day. but make up and hair salon in SH are so cheap, it is do-able to have those places to do it for you in the morning before you go out. I did all of that myself though. :-) it took me a while in the morning to get ready. i like to look nice in the city. it seems i get better service and attention when i look good.

    good to know you also traveled there!

  3. thanks Linlin! my mom took that picture for me at Sea World.

  4. Hi Julia! I can't wait to read more about your trip. How fun!!! Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Me back to study............xoxo

  5. I like the bag and dress! :-)

  6. Hi Claud.,
    how are you? good to see you again.

    i am a little behind, still trying to recover from the long trip. I will fill in with more pictures and thoughts about the trip.

    have a good week!
    xxx- j

  7. HI Julia S.,
    that blue Prada bag was one of the only two bags i brought with me. it turned out to be versatile that i used it with almost all of my outfits. i used my chanel m/l classic flap 4 times briefly.

    glad you like the dress i got there.

  8. It would be my fave bag too :-) I got this one from Nordstrom before its sold out though

  9. wow you got that bag! very cute...

  10. Nice leopard print tee shirt dress! Where'd you get that?